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  1. Muse Home Décor
    Muse Home Décor
    Rs. 4,850

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  2. Allure (White) Ceramic Vase
  3. Cake By The Ocean Ceramic Trays
  4. Emma Home Decor
    Emma Home Decor
    Rs. 5,720

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  5. Nosedive Glass Vases
    Nosedive Glass Vases
    From Rs. 1,650

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  6. Opened Up Wooden Decorative Box
  7. Seek To Be Chic Home Decor
  8. Slab Of Silk Marble Trays
  9. Together Forever Textured Glass Vases
  10. Hoodstound Club Wooden Decorative Box
  11. Illusionist (White) Resin Home Decors
  12. Set For Spring Glass Vase
  13. Time Travel Wooden Decorative Box
  14. Derby Days Home Décor
  15. Canal Street Ceramic Vases
  16. Thermosphere Home Decor
  17. Sold Out Show Home Décor Sold Out Show Home Décor
  18. Caliber (Brown) Home Decor
  19. Fig & Olive Glass Vases
    Fig & Olive Glass Vases
    From Rs. 2,890

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  20. In Depth (White) Home Decor
  21. Connected (Gold) Home Decor
    Connected (Gold) Home Decor
    Special Price Rs. 2,090 Regular Price Rs. 2,630
    21% OFF

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  22. Play It Safe Clear Glass Vases
  23. Satire (Black) Resin Home Decor
  24. Celeste Home Decor
  25. Jazz Nights Candle Stand
  26. Don’t Give Up On Me Home Decor
  27. On The Spot Marble Candle Holder
  28. Unlocked Resin Home Decor
  29. Allure (Grey) Ceramic Vase
  30. Trust No One Metal Candle Decors
  31. Whiny Baby Home Decor
  32. Mark Of A Man Resin Home Decors
  33. Remember Us Home Decor
  34. House Of Hope Ceramic Planters
  35. Worth It Glass Candle Holders
  36. Sun-Kissed Ceramic Vases
  37. Masked (White) Nordic Sculpture
  38. Shine On Me Wooden Decorative Box
  39. Dare to Care Ceramic Vases
  40. Earned It (Black) Wooden Tray
  41. Deep Valley Ceramic Planters
  42. Terra Cotta Sun (Brown) Ceramic Vases
  43. Amos Home Decor
    Amos Home Decor
    Rs. 4,430

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  44. Fashion Focus Home Decor
  45. Go With The Flow Home Decor
  46. Gravitate  Ceramic Vases
    Gravitate Ceramic Vases
    From Rs. 4,450

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  47. Goodbye Hurts Home Decor

Showing Items 1-92 of 522


A flamboyant touch of elegance for your space with The White Teak’s Home Decor collections

Home decor is an important part of getting your living space ready. Believe it or not, home decor can lend character to your beautiful abode and it has its own way of making your home feel complete. Bringing an artistic flourish to your spaces with effortless elegance, home decor products like sculptures and artifacts put the perfect finishing touches on your interior decor. Accentuate the ambience of your living space by creating gorgeous focal points with these exceptional home decor designs. This is your chance to experience luxury like never before with The White Teak Company. Make your pick now!

Revamp every part of your home with these gorgeous Home Decor designs

The best part about home decor is that unlike lighting designs there’s absolutely no boundation on where you need to place the design. There’s also no limit to the number of designs you can flaunt in your living space. You can find a perfect design for every part of your home, be it your living room, dining room, bedroom, lounge, home bar or even your powder room. These intricately designed works of art create stunning focal points that can lend a stirring visual in your beautiful abode.

Witness The White Teak’s exceptional design prowess with our flawless Home Decor collection

Each of the showpieces from out extensive and vivid home decor collection is conceptualized by our in-house designers and brought to life by our skilled artisans with absolute finesse. Our design prowess and our craftsmanship is simply unrivalled in the Indian design space and you’ll realise it the moment you take a glimpse of any of our marvellous home decor designs. Visit any of our luxury stores in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida or Chennai to be awestruck by our sleek home decor designs.

Every home decor item you’re looking for, you’ll find at The White Teak

The White Teak Company enables its clientele to stay ahead of the curve with its designs and our vivid home decor collection is a testament to that. There are a plethora of options in our collection and no matter if you’re looking for sculptures, artifacts, marble decor, candle stands, wine holders, cheese boards, tissue boxes, lanterns or more, you’ll find the best ones only at The White Teak Company. At The White Teak Company, you’ll find luxury you can touch. Grab the designs you like right now.

The key to buying the right Home Decor for your space

There are various kinds of home decor items online, from wall hangings to tabletop showpieces, in a large variety of materials. Each piece has a unique set of colours, materials, and design styles it is inspired by. Picking the right piece for your home requires you to consider all these factors and more. The first thing to think about when you’re looking for home decor items online is where you will be placing the piece you buy. What kind of a showpiece you should buy depends on where you will be putting it. We recommend going for pieces you can place on a surface over wall hangings because the former is more classy.

Create the abode of your dreams with these Home Decor designs

If you’ve been looking forward to accentuating the aesthetic value of your space then you’re definitely at the right address. The White Teak’s home decor designs can be used to adorn your spaces in multiple permutations and combinations. If you need to cover a wall, it’s better to opt for a painting or build a wall mounted shelf on which you can place a couple of home decor artifacts. One reason this is a better idea than hanging decor on your wall is that you can switch up the placement of different pieces every once in a while. This can refresh the aura of your room without too much of a hassle. With wall hanging decor, you can’t really switch things around much.

Things to know before purchasing home decor for your space

While most of the factors have been covered earlier, you need to be careful about the size of the design as it can influence the scale of your decor further affecting the visuospatial perception of your space. Make sure that the home decor isn’t very large that it overshadows every other element of your space or so little that it isn’t even visible at all. You also have to be careful about the kind of exposure to natural elements your luxury home decor items will be getting. Based on this, you can figure out what materials are most suitable. Different materials have different conditions under which they are susceptible to damage. For example, cane and wooden home decor are both more likely to be damaged by humidity than metal home decor. The same goes for elements like direct sunlight with materials like plastic and resin. Finally, you need to think about the colour scheme of the room in which you’ll be placing the home decor showpieces you buy. Just ensure that the colour and design styles match, and you’re good to go. Try matching the home decor shades with the hues of your furniture, lighting designs and the overall theme of your home to create a flawless symmetry in the space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Decor

How do I pick the right home design for my space?

The key is to choose designs that resonate with your personality as your decor is nothing but an expression of yourself. You can find many designs at The White Teak Company that will sweep you off your feet at first glance and you’ll know which piece of art is meant to be a part of your decor.

What are the different kinds of home decor available in the market?

You can find several home decor designs in the Indian design space. One way to categorise home decor items is based on the material they’re made of. You can find metal home decor, glass home decor, wooden home decor, cane home decor, brass home decor and much more. You can also find home decor that flaunt different design styles like modern, contemporary, minimalist, transitional, traditional, classical, industrial and many more. Another way is to categorise them based on the way they are designed. By this logic, you will find wall hanging home decor, shelf decor, showpieces for tables and desks, fridge magnet home decor, etc. How a brand categorizes its home decor online is entirely subjective.

What is the difference between sculptures and artifacts home decor items?

In simple terms, sculptures are pieces of art made by carving a larger piece of metal, clay, glass, or any other material. When a home decor item is created by carving a given material or modeling it by hand, the piece created can be called a sculpture. An artifact is any showpiece created by methods other than sculpting/carving.