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Ground Floor "PARAKH HOUSE"
1 Boat Club Road
Pune - 411001

Store Timings:
11 am - 8 pm (Open On All Days)



Lighting & Home Decor Shop in Pune: The White Teak

Namaskar Pune! The nation’s largest collection of decorative lighting & home decor is now available at an exclusive address in Pune! Put an end to your search for breathtaking decorative lights and home decor in Pune with The White Teak Store, Pune. You now have the opportunity to interact with India’s finest lights, decor, and chandeliers in Pune. Easily the most elegant of the light shops in Pune, The White Teak Pune has a premium spot on Boat Club Road, at 1, Parakh House. Located right at the junction of the iconic Bund Garden Road and Boat Club Road, the premium lighting and home decor showroom in Pune is a must-visit for anyone with a fine taste in interior design. An area known for the lush, luxury apartments, Boat Club Road is easily the most sought-after destination in the city. It is easily among the best locations for a luxury light shop in Pune.


The Best Chandelier Lights Pune Has to Offer

Chandeliers in Pune are a rare sight, yet our Store has a wide selection of chandelier designs that will be the envy of your entire neighbourhood. But that is far from all you will find in our store. Here’s what you can expect from The White Teak Pune Store:

  • India’s largest and most versatile collection of pendant lights, installed and put on display as it will be in your home. This allows you to get a comprehensive view of exactly what the product will look like when it is installed in your house. You will find them as single pieces as well as in clusters.
  • Breathtaking chandeliers in a myriad forms. Drum chandeliers with their circular shades encasing gorgeous designs. Crystal chandeliers glittering in all their glory. Double height chandeliers flowing gracefully from the ceiling to the floor, covering 8 to 15 feet in height. Modern LED chandeliers to fit the most state-of-the-art homes.
  • The best wall lights in Pune, made using a myriad of materials from glass and stone to acrylic and metal! Wall lights with fabric shades, metal shades, and more variety than you could imagine! The store has the best of our designs crafted using the absolute latest cutting-edge technology.
  • The most comprehensive collection of table lamps in Pune - and we do not say this lightly. Our designs include pieces made using the latest technology to cut natural stone into fine veneers that are then turned into shades for our table lamps.
  • Unparalleled floor lamps in Pune. Majestic, sculpted pieces that will add absolutely peerless charm and elegance to your rooms!
  • A truly impressive collection of designer fans, ceiling fans with lights in the form of LED fans and chandelier fans that will have you mesmerized.
  • An incredible collection of ceiling lights in Pune. Pieces designed especially for children, modern LED ceiling lights for avant garde homes, elaborate designs in a classic style - you will find every kind of ceiling light you can think of!
  • Most of all — the best-made home decor you’ll find in Pune! Designed with the finest materials and designs from all over the world, these pieces are waiting for you at our store!

Why Choose The White Teak Company

We flaunt India’s largest collection of premium lighting and home decor. The White Teak Company is a vigorous addition to Pune’s collection of gorgeous products that bring elegance and panache into your home. Each of our products is created by an expert lighting designer, to ensure you receive international standards of lighting design.

Our expert lighting professionals are involved at every step, from the design and manufacturing to the delivery and installation of our products in your homes. Designed with the utmost attention to detail, every one of our products is unique in its own way. From lights to home decor and fans, each product is designed to delight!

With The White Teak Company, you get products of an international quality and standard, developed end-to-end by in-house experts. Our installation service allows you to bring home expert technicians who have been trained to handle every single one of our products. Come get the real White Teak Experience - bring home nothing but the absolute best your money can buy!

The Best Light Shop in Pune

Created to be the best, single-stop solution for all lighting and home decor needs, The White Teak Company was founded in 2016. The best light shop in Pune is a worthy addition to the mission and legacy of the company.

The White Teak was established to bring the world’s leading standards in lighting design and interior decor to Indian markets. Having grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, the company has a strong Store presence in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida, and Chennai. We have broken every barrier to bring you the most incredible pieces of lighting and decor Pune has ever seen! Come and visit us at 1, Parakh House, Boat Club Road, Pune and experience the magic of luxury you can touch!

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