For Your Seasonal Blooms

Our Vase Collection is a delightful display of cocooning curves, artsy glazes, whimsical designs and more. Fill these with dried branches for a tabletop that’s casual yet inviting, or create a curated display by pairing them together.

For Your Seasonal Blooms

Our Vase Collection is a delightful display of cocooning curves, artsy glazes, whimsical designs and more.

Endless Choices In Colours, Finishes & Materials

Home Decor by The White Teak Company: Redefining Art & Craftsmanship

We truly believe that a home is what you make it, and it is much more than a structure with four walls. A home is a place where you feel that your heart belongs, and your home is where you begin and end your day, and this is where you make countless memories with your family and your loved ones. A place with which you share such an important bond definitely needs a special touch. Your home needs to resonate with your taste and ooze your personality and style, and it is all possible if you add that distinct touch to your living space. And if you’re planning to turn your house into the home of your dreams, then The White Teak Company is the perfect companion you need to embark upon this journey with. The White Teak Company has been a leader in the industry, turning mere spaces into homes for far too long now, and we truly understand the importance of decorating your beautiful abodes. Homeowners invest a lot of passion, emotions and time in decorating their living spaces giving them the perfect makeover, and we respect that a lot. Despite being one of the countless things that make your home feel like one, home decor is an important part of designing your living space. The White Teak Company brings an extensive and exquisite range of Home Decor that will change the way you look at and perceive luxury. Our magnificent curation includes and is not limited to Sculptures & Artifacts, Vases, Wall Art, Wall Clocks, Wall Paintings, Candle Holders and Trays.


Creating Home Decor Masterpieces With Impeccable Craftsmanship Since 2016

Each home decor at The White Teak Company has been designed with absolute finesse, and we put a lot of love and care into the process to ensure that your homes flaunt and become nothing but the best. Ever since our inception in 2016, millions have entrusted us with their dreams, and we have always stood up to the resplendent visions of their dream home decor. Our ravishing home decor designs have helped our clients turn mere spaces into homes. Our designs can help you create a picture-perfect interior and make your decor feel complete like never before. Our highly skilled designers and artisans do not limit themselves to a particular design style or the conventional styling norms, and that is why they conceptualise and bring to life the finest home decor designs you’ll lay your eyes on. With years of experience, our in-house designers and artisans have mastered the art of blending the finest design languages with the most luxe elements, and every product they create is nothing but a work of art. You can lay your eyes on the finest home decor designs crafted out of resin, metal, marble, ceramic, wood and more, and you’ll be just amazed by the way these gorgeous designs will lend depth and dimension to your beautiful abodes. Coupled with exquisite finishes like gold, brass, wood, terracotta, ochre, and more, our beautiful home decor collection simply stands out from the rest. Each of these elegant pieces has its unique texture and intricate detailing that will sweep you off your feet right at first glance.

Zesty Home Decor For Every Part Of Your Home

Whether it’s a desolate corner, a blank wall, your reading nook, your bedside table or just your dining area that you want to jazz up, The White Teak Company has perfect home decor for each part of your home. Our collection has a wide range of sculptures, artifacts, vases, and candle holders that will create stunning focal points on your shelves, cabinets, islands, countertops, coffee tables and more. Whereas, our wall art, wall clocks, and wall paintings are just perfect for pumping life into your blank walls. Lend a zesty and flavourful touch to your living space using our exclusive collection of home decor. Feast your eyes on our gorgeous New Arrival Home Decor collection right here.

Create The Home Of Your Dreams With Our Home Decor & Lighting Collection

Nothing would accentuate the aesthetic value of your home quite like our home decor collection. The White Teak Company is India’s Largest Decorative Lighting Brand, and we have always aimed to offer our clients luxury they can touch. Despite luxury lighting being our forte, we wanted to offer our clientele everything under one roof that would turn their houses into the home of their dreams. And that is precisely why we forayed into this domain, creating one of the best home decor designs in the country. You can always flaunt our home decor designs in any kind of space and any kind of illumination, but our collection was designed to best suit our elegant and extensive range of decorative lighting. Nothing complements our home decor designs quite like our decorative lighting range and vice versa. Our architectural lighting collection also beautifully completes your decor when coupled with our stunning home decor designs.

Why Choose The White Teak Company For Your Home Decor?

As you embark on a journey of opulence with The White Teak Company, you open the door to an elegant and exuberant lifestyle that has transformed India’s effervescent luxury lighting and lifestyle space. As a company, our aim is not just to sell our products but to offer a lush and lavish experience to our clientele that is simply out of this world. When you purchase a product from The White Teak Company, you also take home a little part of our legacy that epitomises luxury. At The White Teak Company, you have the choice to make your purchase just the way you want. You can always take a good look at our ravishing home decor collection online or you can visit any of our resplendent stores for a more personalised experience. Find our stores in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, Chennai and Ludhiana to take a glimpse of our stunning home decor collection in all its glory. We guarantee that the moment you take a look at our collection, you’ll realise that you’ll never find products with similar quality or similar making in the Indian market.

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