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  1. Find Your Truth Pendant Light
  2. Multi Tasker Amber Pendant Light
  3. White Lies Trio Pendant Light
  4. White Diamond Pendant Light
  5. White Lies Pendant Light
  6. Gold Glamour Medium Pendant Light
  7. August Night Pendant Lights
  8. Grey Glamour Medium Pendant Light
  9. Drops Of Dew Pendant Light Drops Of Dew Pendant Light
  10. Off Duty Metal Pendant Light
  11. Piece Of Work Pendant Light
  12. First Sign Glass Pendant Lights
  13. Mean What You Say Pendant Light
  14. Addicted Smart LED Pendant Light
      Smart Light
  15. Say What You Mean Pendant Light

Items 1-40 of 73


Fabulous Pendant Lights that personify grace and style

If you’ve been looking forward to adding that pep to your living space then you’re at the right place as The White Teak Company offers an exceptional range of pendant lights that can completely change the face of your home. Our pendant lights can effortlessly accentuate the aesthetic value of your beautiful abode and also lend an unparalleled aura to every nook and cranny of the space they’re placed in. Light up your home like never before with these pendant lights that flawlessly epitomise opulence. This is your chance to give your home that perfect makeover you’ve always dreamed of. 

Aurify your gorgeous homes with our entrancing bestselling pendant lights

Each of the decorative lighting fixtures at The White Teak Company flaunt a fine amalgamation of the plushest design languages and the most luxe elements you’ll ever find. When our designers conceptualise the pendant lights, they take inspiration from each and everything out there so that the lighting fixture exudes a natural charm and there’s nothing superficial about it. Our exceptionally skilled artisans then bring these ravishing pendant lights to life with finesse so that they can gorgeously adorn your living space, workplace, place of business or more. Visit any of our stores across India to witness our design prowess first-hand and experience luxury like never before. 

Uber-chic pendant lights to add that zest to your living space

The White Teak Company houses an extensive and vivid collection of pendant lights that will simply sweep you off your feet right at first glance. Our colossal collection flaunts the finest metal pendant lights, glass pendant lights, LED pendant lights, and crystal pendant lights. While these categories redefine the segment, we also offer a dimmable LED pendant collection that redefines functionality. Be it modern pendant lights, minimalist, classical, traditional, contemporary, rustic, industrial or vintage pendant lights, you’ll find the best ones only at The White Teak Company. We have a design for each of the spaces of your home you need to adorn. Visit any of our stores now and lay your eyes on the finest pendant lights for bedrooms, pendant lights for living rooms and even pendant lights for dining spaces. 

Why go for pendant lights from The White Teak Company?

Our lighting designs are simply unmatched when it comes to the build and the quality, and our bestselling pendant lights are a testament to that. The White Teak Company is India’s Largest Decorative Lighting Brand, and we achieved this feat with our exceptional design prowess and ingenious innovation. When you buy a pendant light from us, you open the doors to a captivating experience of opulence unlike you have ever seen before. We welcome you to be a part of our family and take home a part of our legacy that epitomises luxury.