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A spectacular collection of Outdoor Lights in Mumbai 

Your outdoor setting requires an equal amount of attention that you give to the detailing in your interior. Most people ignore their outdoor lighting layout and strip their house of the depth and warmth it can radiate. The White Teak Company is a one-stop solution for all your luxury lighting needs, and you’ll find the finest collection of outdoor lighting designs right here. All our outdoor lighting designs are simply unparalleled, and one look at our collection will make you realize that.

Extraordinary outdoor lights to transform your home 

Our entire outdoor lighting collection has been designed and brought to life with extreme care so that it can add some much-needed depth and drama to your outdoors. Be it outdoor wall lights, outdoor hanging lights, gate lights or garden lights, you’ll find the best ones at The White Teak Company. Visit any of our stores in Mumbai to lay your eyes on amazing outdoor lighting designs that will accentuate both the aesthetics and functionality of your beautiful homes.