Sculptures In Bangalore

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  1. Rightful Heir (Small) Home Decor
  2. Masked (White) Nordic Sculpture
  3. Masked (Black) Nordic Sculpture
  4. Russian Ballet Home Decor
  5. Roman Holiday Home Decor
  6. Grecian Beauty (Black) Home Decor
  7. Roman Holiday (Black) Home Decor
    Roman Holiday (Black) Home Decor
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  8. Don’t Give Up On Me Home Decor

9 Items


A colossal collection of bedazzling Sculptures in Bangalore 

While luxury lighting gets enough attention, people often forget about the things that can actually make their decor complete. Home decor is one of the most important parts when it comes to planning the layout of your interiors. And sculptures and artifacts are the quintessential elements that can give an opulent touch to your living space. The White Teak Company offers the finest and the most exquisite range of sculptures in Bangalore that can add a distinct touch to your decor.

The most decadent sculptures to transform your decor

We love playing with ideas, and that’s why we don’t limit ourselves or our designs to our imagination. Each of our sculptures and artifacts has its own story to tell you, and you’ll realise it the moment you see these designs at any of our stores in the city. Be it classical sculptures in Bangalore, modern sculptures, contemporary sculptures, or marble sculptures, you’ll find the finest designs at The White Teak Company.