Sculptures and Artifacts

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  1. Sands Of Time (Marble) Home Decor
  2. Jailhouse Rock Home Decor
  3. Sleepwalker (Male) Home Decor
  4. Winds Of Change Home Décor
  5. Messenger (Black) Home Decor
  6. Look Alike (White) Home Decor
  7. My Fair Lady (Medium) Home Decor
  8. Seek To Be Chic Home Decor
  9. Side By Side (Large) Home Decor
  10. Confer Couple Home Decor
  11. Remember Us Home Decor
  12. No Matter What Home Decor
  13. Masked (Black) Nordic Sculpture
  14. Go With The Flow Home Decor
  15. On A Date Home Decor
  16. Wish To Fish Home Decor
  17. Beach Home Home Decor
  18. In With The Gold Home Decor
  19. No Ones Watching Home Decor
  20. Masked (White) Nordic Sculpture
  21. Montebello (Black) Home Decor
  22. No Matter What (Color) Home Decor
  23. Red Hot (Female) Home Decor
  24. Above The Clouds Home Decor
  25. Goodbye Hurts Home Decor
  26. Early Mornings Home Decor
  27. Bandstand Home Decor
  28. Rosemary Home Decor
  29. Lonely at the Top Home Decor
  30. Emporia Marble Home Décor
  31. Montebello (White) Home Decor
  32. Jump For Love Home Decor
  33. New York Ballet Sculpture
  34. Night Shift Home Decor
  35. Black Swan Sculpture Decor
  36. Someone’s watching Home Decor
  37. Man In The Grid Home Decor
  38. Beach Holiday Home Decor
  39. Girls Like to Swing Home Decor
  40. Sold Out Show Home Décor Sold Out Show Home Décor
  41. Folklore Fantasy Home Decor
  42. Slow It Down Home Decor
  43. Stratosphere Home Decor Showpiece
  44. Olympian Efforts Home Decor
    Olympian Efforts Home Decor
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  45. Enjoy The View Home Decor
  46. Art Is Life Home Decor
  47. Contemplation Home Decor
  48. Swing Fling Home Decor
  49. Lose Yourself (Chrome) Home Decor
  50. Tik Tok Tonga Home Decor
  51. Men In White Home Decor
  52. Left To Recover Home Decor
  53. Moon Walk Magic Home Decor
  54. Thirst Quencher Home Decor
  55. Space Walk Home Decor
  56. Horsing Around Home Decor
  57. Waste No Time Home Decor
  58. Wild One Home Decor
  59. Bookworm Book Ends Home Decor
  60. Messenger (White) Home Decor
  61. First Date Marble Home Decor
  62. Show Off Decor
    Show Off Decor
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  63. My Fair Lady (Large) Home Decor
  64. Head Over Heels Home Decor
  65. Ready Set Go Sculpture Decor
  66. Aim For The Gold Home Decor
  67. Care Bear (Silver) Home Décor
  68. Red Hot (Male) Home Decor
  69. Speedy the Ostrich Home Decor
  70. Symphony Home Decor
  71. Sleepwalker (Female) Home Decor
  72. Making Memories Oval Home Decor
  73. Soulful Solitude Sculpture Decor
    Soulful Solitude Sculpture Decor
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Items 1-92 of 106


Gorgeous sculptures and artifacts by The White Teak Company

Sculptures and artifacts are very important elements of home decor as they can help you make the best use of your space in quite a grand manner. Sculptures and artifacts outshine your conventional home decor because of their ability to energize an entire space. They lend a strong aura to your homes and hold power to highlight and bring attention to any desolate corner of your place. Our in-house designers at The White Teak Company have carefully designed each of the home decor pieces with extreme finesse and made sure that these stunning creations stay relevant for the time to come despite the changing trends in the design scene and the inclination towards different design languages. 

Stunning abstract sculptures that offer a perfect amalgamation of minimalist and modern designs

The White Teak Company brings you an extensive catalogue of abstract sculptures that let your decor speak for itself. Our magnificent and exquisite designs not just tell their story but also feed your imagination in a way you would never imagine. Our sculptures blend seamlessly with your primary furniture, accent furniture and the rest of the decor too. These beautiful eye-catching pieces can also balance the tone of your interior. 

Beautiful accent decor to add an opulent touch to your homes

Sculptures and artifacts are the most felicitous accent decor elements to bring out the best in your interior design. Bold and charismatic designs fused with numerous elements like brass, cast iron, crystals and marbles add a plush look to your living space and can help you highlight your interiors like none other. We have carefully and skillfully designed and created the artifacts for your homes so that they don’t appear too loud nor appear too bland to be included in your space. We have also made sure that these pieces lend their unique and immense energies to your homes to set the right tone and enhance the ambience of your place. 

Find the right sculptures and artifacts that complement your beautiful abode

While choosing the right artifacts for homes is not a colossal task, but picking the right sculpture can be slightly tricky. Not everyone has a taste for this beautiful piece of decor, and classical sculptures especially have very niche admirers. And if classical doesn’t really excite you, then go for modern or contemporary sculptures that are the talk of the town and enjoying their own spotlight currently.