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  1. Good To Be King Crystal Chandeliers
  2. Louder Than Thunder Crystal Chandeliers
  3. You Said Eternity Crystal Chandeliers
  4. Somewhere In Barcelona Glass Chandeliers
  5. King's Gambit Crystal Chandelier
  6. Midnight In Paris Chandelier
  7. Steps Of Rome Glass Chandelier
  8. Lunch In London Glass Chandelier
  9. Married In Milan Chandeliers
  10. Married In Milan Grand Chandelier Married In Milan Grand Chandelier
  11. Center Of Attention Chandeliers
  12. Diamonds Are Forever Gold Chandeliers
  13. Trance (Medium) Chandelier
  14. Trance (Large) Chandelier
  15. Melrose Place Crystal  Chandelier
  16. Dream Sequence (Large) Chandelier
  17. Good Luck Charm Chandeliers
  18. Evening Skies Crystal Chandelier
  19. Winter Is Coming LED Chandeliers
  20. Star Of The Show Chandelier
  21. Set the Trend Chandeliers
    Set the Trend Chandeliers
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  22. Vienna Waiting Chandelier
  23. Gates To Heaven Chandeliers
  24. Queen's Necklace  Crystal Chandeliers
  25. French Restoration Crystal Chandeliers
  26. Bells & Whistles Chandeliers
  27. Landslide Chandelier
  28. Love Has Limits Crystal Chandelier

Items 1-92 of 240


Suave Luxe Chandelier Collection to spice up your home

Chandeliers are not mere lighting designs that can grace your living space, they’re the quintessential lighting fixtures that can give your home the perfect makeover you’ve been looking for. The White Teak Company brings you an exclusive collection of Luxe Chandeliers to brighten up your homes and lend a strong aura to your homes too. 

Extensive and vivid range of chandeliers tailor-made for your homes

At The White Teak Company, you’ll find every possible element fused with every imaginable design language to offer you the finest range of lighting fixtures for your home and our Luxe Collection Chandeliers are just a glimpse of what we have to offer. Whether it is modern chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, vintage, classic or rustic, our collection flaunts it all. Go ahead and let our beautiful chandeliers charm you like never before.

Beautiful chandelier designs to lend a stroke of opulence to your living space

The design scene has boomed exponentially, and with so many trends in the industry, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve. The White Teak lets you do just that quite effortlessly. If you need a sputnik chandelier, antler chandelier, an LED chandelier, or industrial or metallic chandelier, you’ll find it all to keep ahead of the trends and fads. 

Practical luxury to change the face of your homes

It’s not just about the opulent character of a chandelier or the design language it boasts, you also have to look at the functionality quotient a chandelier offers. While our designs pay close attention to the design and the detailing, we don’t compromise on the functionality of the lighting fixtures or the quality either, and that’s precisely why you need to shop with The White Teak Company.