Terms And Conditions.

  • Your installation date will be scheduled within 7 days post delivery of the product.
  • We install our product on both Direct and False Ceilings.
  • Before installation on a false ceiling, please make sure your ceiling is layered with plywood to bear the weight of the Product.
  • Before installation, customers should keep the ceiling ready with the False Ceiling Cutting.
  • Our technicians refrain from installing products on marble or glass due to the unpredictability of the material.
  • Our Installation team will not be responsible for any damage to the false ceiling at the time of installation.
  • Please make sure all the infrastructure is in place, be it ladder/scaffolding and the required electrical plug points.
  • An additional amount of ₹750 will be charged if the technician has to reschedule the visit due to the absence of materials mentioned above.
  • Our Installation team will only install/uninstall products sold by White Teak.
  • Fan Installation: Our fans are only compatible with White Teak rods. Please remove the existing fans along with the rods prior to our technician’s visit.
  • We advise you to avoid postponing your installation booking. In case of rescheduling, the next available date will be 7 days from the original installation date.
  • Please inform us about your housing society guidelines and protocols while booking the installation on the number 18001030054.
  • Feel free to get in touch with us at 1800-1030054 for any assistance or questions.
  • Once you cancel the installation, Next slot will be after a week.
  • We do not drill on Tiles.
  • We do not do any kind of ceiling cutting.
  • We don't do uninstalling of Any other Brand Lights Previously installed at the Site.We will only install Wt Products.