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  1. Feeling Flawless Wall Light
  2. Sand Dune Wall Light
  3. Blessed Bedside Wall Light
  4. Cityscape Wall Light
  5. Good To Glow Wall Light
  6. Stranded Wall Light
  7. Afloat (Smokey Grey) Wall Light
  8. Afloat (Milky White) Wall Light
  9. Smitten Wall Light
  10. Single Life (Large, Gold) Smart LED Wall Light
      Smart Light
  11. Wild Honey (Large) Wall Lights
  12. Wild Honey (Medium) Wall Lights
  13. Dreamer Wall Light
  14. Easy To Love Wall Light
  15. Together Forever Wall Light
  16. Sunny Days  Wall Light
  17. Girl Next Door Wall Light
  18. Spot On Wall Light
  19. Glow Maze Wall Light
  20. Endgame Wall Light
  21. Never Gets Old Wall Light
  22. Never Gets Old (Gold) Wall Light
  23. Hopeful LED Wall Lights
  24. Rightful LED Wall Lights
  25. Addiction Smart LED Wall Light
      Smart Light
  26. Lease Of Life Wall Light
  27. High Tide  Wall Light
  28. Unrequited Love Wall Light
  29. Get With It Wall Light
  30. On The Grid Wall Light
  31. Take A Walk Smart (Built-In LED) Dimmable Wall Light
      Smart Light

Items 93-176 of 176


Wall Lights by The White Teak Company

When people think of decorative lighting, it’s usually chandeliers and pendant lights that they’re thinking of; wall lights don’t immediately come to mind in this regard. That’s what makes it a great idea to explore wall lights as a way to make your home stand out from the rest.

There are many kinds of decorative wall lights, designed for a variety of purposes. A premium lighting specialist like The White Teak company knows that every type of wall light needs. So, we make designs that are perfect for the purpose they’re built to serve. 

That’s why it is important to buy your decorative wall lights from companies that specialize in lighting design. At The White Teak Company, we design, manufacture, transport, and install our own products. This ensures that you get our expertise and the insights that come with it at every step, so you have nothing but the very best throughout!

How to Buy Wall Lights for Your Home

The first thing to think about while looking for wall lights online is the purpose for which you will be using the lights you want to buy. We recommend doing this before buying the lights because you will need different lights for different purposes.

Let’s take, for example, vanity lights. Typically, vanity lights are fixed around or on top of a mirror in a room that’s used to put on and take off makeup. This could be in a washroom, as part of a walk-in closet, on a bedroom dresser, or any such place. In order to put on and take off makeup conveniently, you need warm and uniform light. It should be bright enough to illuminate your face without casting wanton shadows, but at the same time not bright enough to be blinding. As you can see, that’s a rather specific and clear requirement. So, naturally, vanity lights are a special type of lights made for that specific purpose.

Similar logic applies when you’re buying picture lights, outdoor wall lights, or LED wall lights. Each design is meant for use in a specific situation, so knowing exactly what you want before you go looking for wall lights online will serve you well.

Once you have the purpose in mind, consider the colour scheme and design style of the room in which you want to install these lights. If you’re looking for outdoor wall lights, do remember to check with the manufacturer whether a given piece is suitable for use outdoors. If it is not, exposure to the elements can have disastrous effects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Lights

       1. What is a wall sconce?

  • The strict definition of “wall sconce” refers to a light fixture attached to a wall where the direction of light is upwards and outwards. In recent times, however, the term “sconce” has started to be used to refer to any kind of wall light, especially designer wall lights.

    2. What is the difference between a wall light and a wall sconce?
  • A wall sconce, in the traditional sense of the term, is a light fixture meant to be fixed to a wall in a way that ensures that the light points upwards and outwards. In the traditional sense, wall sconces are a type of wall light. Lately, the phrase “wall sconce” is used more as a synonym of “wall light.” Traditionally it refers to a specific category of designs under wall lights but of late, it is the same thing as a decorative wall light.

    3. How do I buy the right wall lights for my room?
  • You need to consider, before all else, the purpose for which you want to use a wall light. This will help you figure out the kind of design you want, based on where the fixture directs the light. Then, you need to think about the available electrical outlets, followed by the colour scheme and design style of the room in which you want to fix your decorative wall light. Last but not the least, you will need an idea of the dimensions of available space to make sure that the wall light you buy is neither too big nor too small for your space.

    4. Should I buy decorative wall lights or table lamps?
  • Table lamps are easier to install than wall lights because all you need to do after assembling your table lamp is to plug it in and you’re good to go. Decorative wall lights require a more elaborate installation and might therefore require a professional’s attention. On the other hand, wall lights will not block any of your floor space. So you need to think about these factors before making your decision on whether you should buy wall lights or table lamps.