Wall Lights In Delhi
Wall Lights In Delhi
Wall Lights In Delhi

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  1. Carry My Heart Wall Light
  2. Smitten Wall Light
  3. Show Me Love Wall Lights
  4. State Of Play Wall Light
  5. Wait For Me Wall Lights
  6. Enamoured Crystal Wall Light
  7. Coffee Break Wall Light
  8. Dream Duo Wall Light
  9. Coffee Date Wall Light
  10. Ring Fling Gold Wall Light
  11. Girl Next Door Wall Light
  12. Come Home Wall Light
  13. Trance (Medium) Wall Light
  14. Trance Wall Light
    Trance Wall Light
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  15. Wild Honey (Large) Wall Lights
  16. Run Escape (Medium, Built-In LED) Wall Light
    Run Escape (Medium, Built-In LED) Wall Light
    Special Price Rs. 10,250 Regular Price Rs. 19,060
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  17. Endgame Wall Light
  18. Gold Star Wall Light
  19. Spot On Wall Light
  20. Magic In Milan Wall Light
  21. Amalfi (Built-in LED) Indoor/Outdoor Wall Light (IP65 Rated)
    Amalfi (Built-in LED) Indoor/Outdoor Wall Light (IP65 Rated)
    Special Price Rs. 3,300 Regular Price Rs. 3,710
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  22. Homecoming (Built-In LED) Wall Lights
  23. Glow Maze Wall Light
  24. Ring Fling Steel Wall Light
    Ring Fling Steel Wall Light
    Special Price Rs. 10,476 Regular Price Rs. 11,640
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  25. On The Grid Wall Light
  26. Dream on Wall Light
  27. Tipsy Wall Light
  28. Drop Me Home Wall Light
  29.  Feel My Crown Wall Light
  30. Hold Still Wooden Wall Light
  31. Sand Dune Wall Light

Showing Items 1-92 of 229


The best Wall Lights in Delhi at The White Teak Company

There’s a reason why we’re known as India’s Largest Decorative Lighting Brand and why our brand has become synonymous with luxury and elegance. The White Teak Company is your one-stop shop for all your luxury lighting needs, and if you’re looking for the best wall lights in Delhi, then look no further. We bring to life the finest and most exquisite wall lights Delhi has to offer. Each of our wall lights is designed with a lot of passion and emotions, and then our extraordinary artisans realise these designs with extreme care and finesse.

Wall lights is one of the most essential ambient lighting fixtures and we understand what ambient lighting can do to your space. And that is why we have curated this exquisite and exclusive collection of masterpieces that can simply light up your decor. The White Teak Company is one of the finest manufacturers of decorative lighting and the moment you take a close look at our stunning wall lights, you’ll realise that we’re definitely not exaggerating.

The most extensive and vivid collection of Wall Lights

Visit any of The White Teak stores in the city to lay your eyes on the finest collection of wall lights in Delhi. No matter whether you are looking for LED wall lights, vanity/mirror wall lights, picture wall lights, kids’ room wall lights or outdoor wall lights, you’ll find it all at The White Teak Company. We have curated an exquisite collection of wall lights that can beautifully blend into your decor and simply bring the best out of your space like none other.

Each of our wall light designs have been conceptualised by our in-house designers and brought to life by our skilled artisans so that they can transform your home beyond your imagination. Each of the designs from our colossal wall light collection is a testament to our exceptional design prowess and ingenious innovation. We have a fine range of wall lights that fuse the most luxe elements with the finest design languages that will simply aurify your living space. Visit any of our stores in Delhi to see which wall light truly suits your needs and fits your space beautifully and it will also help you get hands-on experience with our exquisite designs. Our experienced team at the store is always there to help you make the best pick for your space and they’ll ensure that you have a seamless purchase experience.

Why choose The White Teak Company’s Wall Lights in Delhi?

As you already know, The White Teak Company is India’s Largest Decoartive Lighting Brand and we have continued to revolutionise the luxury lighting and lifestyle space ever since our inception back in 2016. At The White Teak Company, we don’t just believe in selling our products, we believe in offering an unmatched experience to our clients that will forever change the way they perceive luxury. Visit any of our stores in Bangalore now to lay your eyes on the finest wall lights you’ve ever come across in this lifetime.