Wall Lights In Bangalore

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  1. Legacy (Square) Wall Light
  2. Girl Next Door Wall Light
  3. Game Over Signature Wall Lights
  4. Dreamer Wall Light
  5. Together Forever Wall Light
  6. Dot Spot Wall Light
  7. High Tide Wall Light
  8. Ring Fling Gold Wall Lights
  9. Ring Fling Gold Wall Light
  10. Bashful(Clear Glass) Wall Lights
  11. Sand Dune Wall Light
  12. Ring Fling Steel Wall Light
  13. Gold Haze Wall Light
  14. Get With It Wall Light
  15. Single Life (Large, Gold) Smart LED Wall Light
      Smart Light
  16. Ritzy Wall Light
  17. Coffee Break Wall Light
  18. Never Gets Old Wall Light
  19. Rightful LED Wall Lights
  20. High Born Wall Light
  21. Picture Perfect Wall Lights
  22. Spot On Wall Light
  23. Strategic Coffee Wall Lights
  24. Haze Wall Lights
    Haze Wall Lights
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Items 93-184 of 192


The most ravishing collection of Wall Lights Bangalore has ever witnessed 

The White Teak Company is the first name that comes to mind when anybody thinks of luxury lighting in Bangalore. While our expertise lies in a lot of lighting designs, we also bring you the most exuberant collection of wall lights in Bangalore. Nobody in the industry can ever match the quality and detailing our wall lights offer. Each of our designs is created with finesse, and a lot of attention goes into the detailing of the creations that fuse the most stunning styling languages with the plushest elements. Our beautiful wall lights can add an unparalleled aura to your home unlike you’d ever imagine. 

Personify grandeur with these elegant Wall Lights

Visit any of our stores in the city to lay your eyes on the finest wall lights in Bangalore that can transform your living abodes unlike you’d ever imagine. Our exhaustive curation of wall lights includes the most exemplary LED wall lights, vanity lights, picture wall lights, and outdoor wall lights, and we also offer an opulent collection of wall lights to adorn the rooms of your young ones.