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  1. Morning Coffee Table Lamp
  2. August Nights Table Lamp
  3. Babe Alert Table Lamp
  4. RSVP (Grey, Marble) Table Lamp
  5. Just A Memory (White Marble) Table Lamp
    Just A Memory (White Marble) Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 17,990 Regular Price Rs. 19,060
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  6. Wings Break Free (Black Marble) Table Lamp
    Wings Break Free (Black Marble) Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 16,930 Regular Price Rs. 18,030
    6% OFF

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  7.  Love Potion Marble Table Lamps
  8. The Night Watch Smart LED Table Lamps
      Smart Light
  9. Rumour Has It Smart LED Study Table Lamp
      Smart Light
  10. Marbled Black (Beige Rectangle Shade) Table Lamp
    Marbled Black (Beige Rectangle Shade) Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 15,230 Regular Price Rs. 16,950
    10% OFF

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  11. Night Owl (Study) Table Lamp
  12. Newfound Love Table Lamp
  13. Well Heeled Table Lamp
    Well Heeled Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 16,090 Regular Price Rs. 20,140
    20% OFF

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  14. Soul Searching (Coffee Marble) Table Lamp
    Soul Searching (Coffee Marble) Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 17,250 Regular Price Rs. 19,060
    9% OFF

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  15. Soul Simple Table Lamps
    Soul Simple Table Lamps
    From Rs. 12,220

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  16. Poised (Smart LED) Table Lamp
      Smart Light
  17. Soup For The Soul (Smart LED) Table Lamp
      Smart Light
  18. Blind Sighted (Smart LED, Marble) Table Lamp
      Smart Light
  19. Addiction (Marble) Table Lamp
  20. Bonfire Table Lamp
  21. Arrived (Marble) Table Lamp
  22. Garden of Eden Table Lamp
  23. Just For Tonight Table Lamp
  24. Rumor Mill Study Table Lamp
  25. Stepping Stone Table Lamp
  26. Rock And Rule Table Lamp
  27. Never You Mind Table Lamp
  28. Sweet Spot Table Lamps
  29. Cheat Sheet (Dimmable LED) Table Lamp
      Smart Light
  30. Pull The Plug Table Lamps
  31. Old World Charm Table Lamp
  32. Snapshot Table Lamp
  33. Attention Seeker Table Lamp
  34. Burnt Spice Table Lamp
      Smart Light
  35. Come Clean (Marble) Table Lamp
  36. Slow Burn Table Lamp
  37. Marbled Coffee (Beige Rectangle Shade) Table Lamp
    Marbled Coffee (Beige Rectangle Shade) Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 16,200 Regular Price Rs. 16,950
    4% OFF

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  38. Sugar Rush Table Lamp
  39. Afterglow Table Lamp
    Afterglow Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 11,110 Regular Price Rs. 14,840
    25% OFF

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  40. Standstill (Marble) Table Lamp
    Standstill (Marble) Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 15,230 Regular Price Rs. 18,030
    16% OFF

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  41. Miss You Forever Table Lamp
    Miss You Forever Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 23,290 Regular Price Rs. 29,670
    22% OFF

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  42. Filament in Orbit Table Lamp
    Filament in Orbit Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 9,300 Regular Price Rs. 11,640
    20% OFF

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78 Items


Table Lamps by The White Teak Company

One of the best ways to add that extra oomph to any room is to place a beautiful table lamp within it. Designer table lamps complete the look and feel of the space with incredible panache yet without being as obviously eye-catching as a crystal chandelier.

Although not too commonly used before, in recent years, table lamps have gained popularity in India. Historically seen as a mark of wealth and abundance, table lamps have become a part of India’s aesthetic sense. Today, they are found everywhere.

So how do you stand out when you’re looking to buy table lamps online or in decor stores across India? It’s quite simple, really. You need to know the basics of how to use table lamps in your house. Let us walk you through some tips so that you can buy table lamps just the right way for your decor.


Designer Table Lamps & How to Buy Them

Buy table lamp designs that are out of the ordinary. Investing in a good brand allows you to find unique designs in top-notch quality so you don’t have to keep replacing them often. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort by buying a unique table lamp from a dependable brand.

However, if you’re buying a high-end piece, make sure it is a versatile one that will go well with a wide range of colour palettes. Neutral colours like beige work well for shades, whereas metallic finishes on the bodies do nicely for this purpose. This is to ensure that you don’t end up limiting your linen or furniture options thanks to your lamp!

If you’re buying a table lamp with a ceramic base, then it’s a good idea to find contrasting colours rather than matching ones. Ceramic bases usually feature pastel colours, so matching them to your room’s palette can create a more sombre aura than you might like. On the other hand, contrasting colours give a more vibrant feel.

While buying table lamps for bedrooms, make sure the source of the light is well-shaded. This is because exposure to sharp light around bedtime is known to have a negative impact on the quality of sleep. On the contrary, table lamps for study or work desks should cast a sharp and clear light directly in your line of vision. It’s very good for your eyesight to have crisp lighting while you read or work. Table lamps for living rooms are the easiest ones to buy. They can feature any style you like, as long as it looks pleasing to your eyes!

Whenever you’re out there to buy a table lamp price is an important factor to look at because most manufacturers cut down on the quality and the build of the design to bring the cost down. The price of the table lamp is usually the best indicator of the quality of the design. 

We hope this helps you select the perfect table lamps for your home! Go ahead and buy table lamps online unlike you’ve ever seen before. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Table Lamps

What is a table lamp?

Lights designed to be placed on table or countertops are called table lamps. They are typically under 3 feet in height, but that is not a necessity. The phrase “table lamps” indicates that these pieces are meant for use exclusively on tabletops. However, you can even place these in recessed spaces in your walls, on small platforms, on teapoys, or anywhere else you see fit.

What is the difference between study table lamps and table lamps for bedrooms?

If you’re buying table lamps online in India, you should have a clear understanding of the difference between types of table lamps. The primary difference between study table lamps and table lamps for bedrooms is based on the kind of light you need in each scenario. Study tables or work desks should have crisp, bright light that comes directly from the source. Ideally, study lamps should have no diffusers, although they should have shades to focus the light in a specific direction and to keep it from shining directly into your eyes. Bedside lamps, on the other hand, should be shaded or have diffusers or dimmers to ensure that you are not exposed to overly bright and stimulating light around bedtime. A warm glow is good to have by your bed, but a bright light can interfere with your quality of sleep. 

What are the types of table lamps?

Table lamps are usually classified on two criteria: the material they’re made of or the purposes they’re used for. In terms of material, there are ceramic table lamps, marble table lamps, glass table lamps, metal table lamps, and more. Table lamps with fabric shades is also a type of table lamp that’s based on the material of the lamp. Sometimes the type may be determined by the colour of the lamp’s body, such as gold table lamps. In recent times, you may even find a category named ‘LED table lamps’ - the reason is self-explanatory. Both these count as categories based on the material of the lamp. You can also find another range of smart table lamps that lets you control the brightness, colour and the temperature of the lighting design. Smart table lamps are not only functional, but are very convenient too. 

When classified by purpose, table lamps are put into categories by where they are recommended for use. For example, they are classified as study lamps, bedside lamps, living room lamps, etc. You can use these pieces in any way you see fit; these types are only meant as recommendations.

Which type of table lamp should I buy?

You should consider the purpose for which you’re buying a table lamp, whether online or from a brick-and-mortar store. What matters most is that you invest in a lamp that not only adds aesthetic value to your room but also serves you well in terms of your health. For example, if the light from your bedside lamp is too sharp, it can interfere with your quality of sleep. Similarly, if the light from your study lamp is too diffused or dull, it can cause trouble with your eyesight. If you buy table lamps from a good brand, you can consult with their in-house experts to ensure that you avoid such issues. 

Now, that you’re familiar with the technicalities related to purchasing this design, go ahead and buy table lamps online India has never ever seen before.