Table Lamps In Chennai
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Enchance your decor with the finest Table Lamps in Chennai


The White Teak Company brings a colossal collection of exquisite table lamps to transform your beautiful homes like never before. All of our impressive table lamps sweep you off your feet right at first glance. Each of our table lamps is designed with a lot of attention to detail and brought to life with extreme care so that they can change the face of your living space like never before. At The White Teak Company, you’ll find the finest table lamps at the best prices. 


Stunning table lamps tailor-made just for your homes 

It is essential to choose the right table lamp for your decor as these lighting fixtures can either make or break your ambience. Visit any of The White Teak stores in Chennai to lay your eyes on the finest collection of ceramic table lamps, marble table lamps, desk/study table lamps and more. The White Teak stores are definitely the best luxury lighting stores near you.