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  1. Drop In The Ocean Pendant Lights
  2. Calm Skies Amber Pendant Light
  3. Eye Of The Tiger Pendant Lights
  4. Glassy Eyed Pendant Lights
  5. Royal Tea Pendant Lights
    Royal Tea Pendant Lights
    From Rs. 20,550.00

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  6. Addicted Smart LED Pendant Light
      Smart Light
  7. Multi Tasker Smokey Pendant Light
  8. Smile More Outdoor Pendant Light
  9. Open Sesame Long Pendant Lights
  10. Ongoing Love Pendant Lights
    Ongoing Love Pendant Lights
    From Rs. 10,250.00

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  11. Have It All Pendant Lights
    Have It All Pendant Lights
    From Rs. 7,700.00

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  12. Stormy Skies Gold Pendant Light
  13. Gold Glamour Pendant Lights
  14. Beating Heart Pendant Lights
    Beating Heart Pendant Lights
    From Rs. 10,250.00

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  15. Look At Me Pendant Light
  16. Block Party Smart LED Pendant Light
      Smart Light
  17. Both Worlds Outdoor Pendant Light
  18. 19" Artistic Smart LED Pendant Lights
      Smart Light
  19. Dance More Outdoor Pendant Light
  20. Good To Glow Round Pendant Lights
  21. Trade Winds Outdoor Pendant Light
  22. Love Letter Outdoor Pendant Light
  23. Conquest Pendant Lights
    Conquest Pendant Lights
    From Rs. 5,650.00

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  24. Mesmerized Outdoor Pendant Light
  25. Daybreak Pendant Light
  26. Find Your Truth Pendant Light

Items 61-120 of 184


Pendant Lights by The White Teak Company

Pendant lights are decorative lighting fixtures that are compact in size. They are built to be suspended from the ceiling of any room in which you want to place them.

Decorative lighting is delicate and must be used tastefully to make the most of it. So, at The White Teak Company, we design, manufacture, transport, and install all our own decorative lighting products. This is to make sure that you have our expertise at hand, every step of the way. 

We use the latest technology to produce innovative designs that leave a breathtaking effect in any room they adorn. Some of the methods we use include tinting glass, precision cutting crystal, manufacturing textured glass (such as our air bubbled glass), and lots more. The latest addition to our repertoire is the creation of shades made by cutting actual natural stone into paper-thin sheets to create an incredibly beautiful visual effect. Every single piece made with stone is completely unique owing to the texture of stone.

At The White Teak Company, we deliver nothing but the absolute best.

Modern Pendant Lighting in India

Pendants are a great option to light up your home because of how incredibly versatile modern pendant lighting can be. You can use these stunners in a variety of ways to create a whole range of beautiful looks in every room of your home.

Given how versatile pendant lighting is, you can use it in any kind of a room to accentuate the ambience to your taste. There are many combinations in which you can use pendant lights. A single pair of pendants suspended on either side of a ceiling fan or a chandelier can glam up your place like nothing else!

At the same time, an oversized hanging pendant light in the corner of a large room provides the perfect finishing touch to a minimalistically designed room. You can even use one of these stunners over a table to create a cozy, standalone nook in a larger room where you can kick up your feet and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee. 

Did you know that pendant lights can even replace bedside table lamps? If you think about it, they’re a smart choice for bedrooms where you don’t want to add nightstands next to the bed. It keeps your floors clutter-free while still giving you the perfect bedside lighting!

How to Buy Hanging Pendant Lights Online?

The first thing to think about when you’re buying pendant lights, online or offline, is the purpose for which you’re buying them. Doing this helps you pick options that are aesthetically pleasing as well as practical for your needs.

It’s a good idea to measure the height and width of your room and create a mental image of where you would like to place the pendants before buying them. This will go a long way in helping you figure out whether a given hanging light will serve the purpose or not. While buying, do remember to check the minimum height at which each pendant light can be suspended to ensure that your headroom is clear when they are installed.

When buying pendant lights online, make sure you check the dimensions carefully because pictures can be misleading. Look through pictures of the lights against dark as well as light backgrounds to get a clearer idea of how they are likely to look in person.

It’s hard to go wrong if you consider all these factors before placing your order!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pendant Lighting

     1. What is pendant lighting?

  • Pendant lights are decorative lights that are designed for use by suspending them from the ceiling of any room in which you want to use them. They are usually compact in size, and much smaller when compared to chandeliers. Pendants tend to be less bright than chandeliers, but this changes from design to design. Pendant lighting is one of the most versatile types of home decorative lighting.

    2. How to use pendant lights?
  • Pendant lights are meant to be used in a manner very similar to chandeliers. You may need to plug bulbs into pendants before hanging them up. This is not necessary if they come pre-assembled or if they are in-built LED pendant lights. Pendants typically have ceiling plates or cups that you need to attach to your ceiling. The cord, chain, or rod that connects the ceiling cup/plate to the shade of the pendant will typically be a part of the ceiling cup, making it an easy piece to install by yourself. It may, however, be more susceptible to breakage or other kinds of damage if not handled by professionals. The best idea is to opt for the manufacturer’s installation service.

    3. Should I buy pendant lights or chandeliers?
  • If your room is large and a central position is available, a chandelier might be a better bet. You can always use pendants to enhance the ambience created by a chandelier as well. If the room is cosy, though, a chandelier can be too bright, making pendants the better choice. If you’re looking for task lights or something to illuminate a specific part of a larger room, pendant lighting is the way to go!

    4. How to choose the right pendant lights for my room?
  • Consider four things while shopping for pendant lights: the dimensions of your room, the colour scheme of your room, the design style you want, and the available electrical outlets you can use. It’s the simplest way to find what fits your needs best!