Outdoor Lights In Noida

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  1. Love Found Gate Light
  2. Smile More Outdoor Pendant Light
  3. Galaxy Garden Bollard
  4. Quasar (Large) Garden Bollard
  5. Love Letter Outdoor Pendant Light
  6. Nebula Garden Bollard
  7. Blackout LED Outdoor Wall Light
  8. Love Lost Gate Light
  9. Feels Like LED Outdoor Wall Light

Items 61-76 of 76


An exceptional collection of Outdoor Lights in Noida

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of your decor. Outdoor lighting can not only set the tone for your home but also add warmth to your living space creating an inviting atmosphere. The White Teak Company brings you an extensive and vivid range of beautiful outdoor lighting designs that can simply give your outdoor setting an unparalleled touch of elegance. 

The most exquisite outdoor lights you’ve ever seen 

Be it the best outdoor wall lights, outdoor hanging lights, gate lights or garden lights in Noida, you’ll find the best ones only at The White Teak Company. Visit any of our stores in Noida to feast your eyes on the finest outdoor light designs.