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metal pendants
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Elegant Metal Pendant Lights by The White Teak Company

Metal is one decor element that will stay evergreen regardless of how much the home decor and interior design scene evolves. And knowing how integral metal can be to home decor, we welcome you to take a look at the exhaustive and finest collection of metal pendant lights in India by The White Teak Company. We definitely have a pick for you, all you need is something that suits your existing decor. 

Modern metal pendant lights to vintage and everything in between

Metal home decor has witnessed a boom in the industry and metal lighting fixtures are versatile enough to lend a rustic look to decor or a plush one too, depending on how you like it. The White Teak Company boasts an exquisite collection of modern metal pendant lights along with several contemporary and vintage pieces, for you to choose from. 

Unconventional and unorthodox metal pendant light designs

Not everybody loves going with the fad and the trends, some believe in taking the path less taken and for them, we have some extraordinary lights with very unorthodox designs. The White Teak’s extensive and luxe collection boasts designs that will just sweep you off your feet. Despite our collection having a high functionality quotient, our metal pendant light shades are much more likely to grab your attention. 

Vivid metal pendant lights collection for the vivid you

The White Teak Collection has glass and metal pendant lights for every mood of yours and every occasion too. No matter which part of the house you need a lighting fixture in, we have it all. Our pieces can be doubled up as task lights, and you can very conveniently use our metal pendant lights for kitchens too.