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  1. The Summit Sculpture Decor
  2. Christmas In July (Red) Home Decor
  3. Black Swan Sculpture Decor
  4. Russian Ballet Home Decor
  5. Bella Home Decor
    Bella Home Decor
    Rs. 5,750.00

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  6. Bandstand Home Decor
  7. Truth Of Us Home Decor
  8. Paradox Home Decor
    Paradox Home Decor
    Rs. 12,350.00

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  9. Waste No Time Home Decor
  10. No Matter What (Color) Home Decor
  11. Tree Of Life Home Decor
  12. Messenger (Black) Home Decor
  13. Making Memories Oval Home Decor
  14. Roman Holiday Home Decor
  15. First Date Marble Home Decor
  16. Care Bear (Silver) Home Décor
  17. Happy Hour Home Decor
  18. City Strut Home Decor
  19. Dare To Dream Home Decor
  20. Jailhouse Rock Home Decor
  21. Green with Envy Home Decor
  22. My Fair Lady Home Decor
  23. Library Literature Rack Showpiece
  24. Hideout Home Decor
    Hideout Home Decor
    Rs. 18,500.00

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  25. Señorita Home Décor
  26. Pathfinder Home Decor
    Pathfinder Home Decor
    Special Price Rs. 23,030.00 Regular Price Rs. 28,800.00
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  27. Olympian Efforts Home Decor
    Olympian Efforts Home Decor
    Special Price Rs. 19,370.00 Regular Price Rs. 21,550.00
    10% OFF

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  28. Touch The Sky (Marble) Home Décor
  29. Hidden Getaway Home Decor
  30. Ride The Wave Home Decor
  31. Family Fellowship Home Décor
  32. Overdressed Home Decor
  33. Standout Home Decor
    Standout Home Decor
    Rs. 16,950.00

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  34. Tightrope Teaser Home Decor
  35. Brought To Life home decor
  36. Over Achiever Home Decor
  37. Jazz Nights Candle Stand
  38. Grecian Beauty (Black) Home Decor
  39. Milk Made Home Decor
  40. Fashionista Home Decor
  41. Fly Away (Large) Home Decor
  42. Don’t Give Up On Me Home Decor
  43. Web of Lies Sculpture Decor
  44. Caught In A Moment Home Decor
  45. Care Bear (Grey) Home Decor
  46. Rustic Romance Home Decor
  47. Sold Out Show Home Décor Sold Out Show Home Décor
  48. Stratosphere Home Decor Showpiece
  49. Enchantress Home Decor
  50. Phantom Bride home decor
  51. Brilliant Sun Home Decor (Large)
  52. The Lost World Home Decor
  53. Prized Possession Home Decor
    Prized Possession Home Decor
    Special Price Rs. 10,240.00 Regular Price Rs. 12,050.00
    15% OFF

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Items 61-120 of 202


Home Decor Items by The White Teak Company

Nothing can enhance the ambience of a room like home decor items can! Bringing an artistic flourish to your spaces with effortless elegance, home decor products like sculptures and artifacts put the perfect finishing touches on your interior decor.

At The White Teak Company, we design home decor sculptures, artifacts, and showpieces that we manufacture in-house to bring you the finest pieces money can buy! Every showpiece you see on is designed with the utmost care by our in-house experts. Our home decor articles are painstakingly crafted to make sure they complete the vibe of your home!

Our designs are exclusive and made with the best materials sourced from around the world. We also deliver our own products to your doorstep to make sure you get them in the best condition possible.

At The White Teak Company, we deliver luxury you can touch.

How to Buy Home Decor Online?

There are various kinds of home decor items online, from wall hangings to tabletop showpieces, in a large variety of materials. Each piece has a unique set of colours, materials, and design styles it is inspired by. Picking the right piece for your home requires you to consider all these factors and more.

The first thing to think about when you’re looking for home decor items online is where you will be placing the piece you buy. What kind of a showpiece you should buy depends on where you will be putting it. We recommend going for pieces you can place on a surface over wall hangings because the former is more classy. 

If you need to cover a wall, it’s better to opt for a painting or build a wall mounted shelf on which you can place a couple of home decor artifacts. One reason this is a better idea than hanging decor on your wall is that you can switch up the placement of different pieces every once in a while. This can refresh the aura of your room without too much of a hassle. With wall hanging decor, you can’t really switch things around much.

The other thing you need to think about is how much exposure to natural elements your luxury home decor items will be getting. Based on this, you can figure out what materials are most suitable. Different materials have different conditions under which they are susceptible to damage. For example, cane and wooden home decor are both more likely to be damaged by humidity than metal home decor. The same goes for elements like direct sunlight with materials like plastic and resin.

Finally, you need to think about the colour scheme of the room in which you’ll be placing the home decor showpieces you buy. Just ensure that the colour and design styles match, and you’re good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Decor

       1. What are the types of home decor?

  • There are many types of home decor online; it can be categorised on a number of aspects. One way to categorise home decor items is based on the material they’re made of. So, you can find metal home decor, glass home decor, wooden home decor, cane home decor, brass home decor, etc. Another way is to categorise them based on the way they are designed. By this logic, you will find wall hanging home decor, shelf decor, showpieces for tables and desks, fridge magnet home decor, etc. How a brand categorizes its home decor online is entirely subjective.

    2. Should I buy metal home decor or glass home decor?
  • Both metal and glass have their own appeal, each one adds a different charm to the room. You should give two factors some special consideration while choosing between metal and glass home decor. Depending on the placement of the home decor article, it may or may not be likely to get knocked over. If it is likely to fall, metal or wooden home decor is your best bet, and if not, you can safely choose to get a glass piece. The other factor to consider is exposure to direct sunlight. Metal showpieces placed in the sun are likely to get heated and may sustain or cause damage due to this. In this case, glass and wood are both better options to go for.

    3. What is the difference between sculpture and artifact home decor items?
  • In simple terms, sculptures are pieces of art made by carving a larger piece of metal, clay, glass, or any other material. When a home decor item is created by carving a given material or modeling it by hand, the piece created can be called a sculpture. An artifact is any showpiece created by methods other than sculpting/carving.