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Home Decor In Bangalore
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Home Decor In Bangalore

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  1. Muse Home Décor
  2. Meditative (Brown) Planters
  3. Derby Days Home Décor
  4. Catch of the Day Decorative Platter
    Catch of the Day Decorative Platter
    Special Price Rs. 1,400 Regular Price Rs. 2,840
    51% OFF

    Free Delivery

  5. Allure (White) Ceramic Vase
  6. Connected (Gold) Home Decor
    Connected (Gold) Home Decor
    Special Price Rs. 2,090 Regular Price Rs. 2,630
    21% OFF

    Free Delivery

  7. Tales Of Yore (Brown) Planters
  8. In Depth (White) Home Decor
  9. Senorita (Small) Home Decor
  10. Emma Home Decor
  11. Seek To Be Chic Home Decor
  12. Slab Of Silk Marble Trays
  13. Illusionist (White) Resin Home Decors
  14. Cake By The Ocean Ceramic Trays
  15. Thermosphere Home Decor
  16. Celeste Home Decor
  17. Fig & Olive Glass Vases
  18. Together Forever Textured Glass Vases
  19. Rooster Bowl Home Decor Accessory
    Rooster Bowl Home Decor Accessory
    Special Price Rs. 3,500 Regular Price Rs. 7,010
    50% OFF

    Free Delivery

  20. Remember Us Home Decor
  21. Caliber (Brown) Home Decor
  22. Want The World Glass Vases
  23. More Or Less Clear Glass Vase
  24. Lonely at the Top Home Decor
  25. In Depth (Black) Home Decor
  26. Opened Up Wooden Decorative Box
  27. Find Your Way Home Decor
  28. Nosedive Glass Vases
    Nosedive Glass Vases
    From Rs. 1,650

    Free Delivery

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  29. Set For Spring Glass Vase
  30. Noir Prism (Resin) Tray
  31. Mark Of A Man Resin Home Decors
  32. Milk Maid Resin Home Decors
  33. Milk Maid (Small) Home Decor
  34. Allure (Grey) Ceramic Vase
  35. Goodbye Hurts Home Decor
  36. Christie Home Decor
  37. Amos Home Decor

Showing Items 1-92 of 517


The finest collection of Home Decor in Bangalore

Home decor is one thing that can make your interior feel complete in every shape and form. And we understand the importance of home decor adorning every nook and cranny of your living space. That’s exactly why The White Teak Company brings to you the most exuberant and extensive collection of home decor in Bangalore that you’ll ever come across. Whether you want the home decor to go with your modern, rustic, minimalist, vintage, contemporary, or transitional decor, you’ll find the best options at The White Teak Company.

If you’re looking for the finest home decor pieces near you in Bangalore, then it’s a no-brainer to go with The White Teak Company. As we’ve told you already, a home is much more than a structure with four walls. And we know that as a homeowner, you would naturally invest a lot of passion, emotions and time in turning your living space into your dream home. Each of our exceptional products from the colossal home decor collection have been designed and crafted to beautifully and effortlessly fit into your abodes. Take a closer look at our breathtaking home decor collection online or at a store near you.

Home Decor to simply transform your living space

The White Teak Company’s home decor collection is simply the best you’ll find in Bangalore and one glimpse at our designs is all you need to realise that. Our extensive collection of home decor features sculptures that can add a classical touch to your decor, some functional pieces to lend an opulent touch to your decor, and we even have a few works of art with their own distinct presence that paint their own story in your decor. Each and every piece is designed and brought to life with absolute perfection so that they can sweep you off your feet every time you take a glimpse.

Our magnificent home decor collection houses numerous designs including but not limited to sculptures, artifacts, vases, wall art, wall clocks, wall paintings, candle holders, and trays. You have a plethora of options to choose from for your home and spice up your decor just the way you like. This is your chance to create a picture-perfect decor with The White Teak Company. Make your pick now and design your dream decor before it is too late.

Why choose The White Teak Company’s home decor collection in Bangalore?

The White Teak Company is India’s Largest Decorative Lighting Brand and we forayed into the home decor domain because we wanted to offer our clientele everything under one roof that would give their homes a stunning makeover. Luxury lighting is still our forte but we also offer a way to complete your decor like none other. Like our stunning lighting collection, our home decor collection has been conceptualised by our exceptional in-house designers and brought to life with absolute finesse by our skilled artisans. Visit any of our stores in Bangalore now to see our home decor collection in all its glory.