Floor Lamps In Bangalore
Floor Lamps In Bangalore
Floor Lamps In Bangalore

92 Items

  1. Discovered (Marble) Floor Lamp
  2. Ruthless (Marble) Floor Lamp
  3. Greek To Me Floor Lamps
  4. Lovelorn (Gold) Marble Floor Lamp
  5. Take Me Anywhere Floor Lamp
  6. Triple Treat Floor Lamp
  7. You Owe Me Floor Lamp
  8. Mirage (Dimmable LED with Remote Control) Floor Lamp
      Smart Light
  9. Heart On Fire Floor Lamp
  10. A Star Forever Floor Lamp
  11. Jet Lag (Marble) Floor Lamp
  12. Take Me Home Sculpture Floor Lamp
  13. Gospel Truth Floor Lamp
  14. Babe Alert  Floor Lamp
  15. Addiction Floor Lamp
  16. The Golden Cluster Floor Lamp
  17. Old World Charm Floor Lamp
  18. Style Goals Floor Lamp
  19. Make It Happen Floor Lamp
  20. Direct Flight Floor Lamp
  21. Youth Quake Floor Lamp
  22. Uncovered Floor Lamp
  23. One Moment in Time Floor Lamp
  24. Skyfall Floor Lamp
  25. August Nights Floor Lamp
  26. Silent Treatment Floor Lamp
  27. People Pleaser  Floor Lamp
  28. Slightly Addicted Smart LED Floor Lamp
      Smart Light
  29. Talk The Tango Floor Lamp
  30. Owe & Awe Floor Lamp
  31. I Owe You (Short) Floor Lamp
  32. Shelf Help Floor Lamps
    Shelf Help Floor Lamps
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  33. A Star Is Born Marble Floor Lamp
  34. Rising Tide (Marble)  Floor Lamp
  35. Cheat Sheet (Dimmable LED with Remote) Floor Lamp
      Smart Light
  36. It’s A Wrap Floor Lamp
  37. Farewell Floor Lamp
  38. Swan Lake Floor Lamp
  39. Attention Seeker Floor Lamp
  40. Catch The Sun Floor Lamp
  41. Stepping Out (Built-In LED) Floor Lamp
      Smart Light
  42. Timeless Beauty Floor Lamp
  43. Story Spinner Floor Lamp
  44. Garden of Eden Floor Lamp
    Garden of Eden Floor Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 27,540 Regular Price Rs. 29,670
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  45. Weeping Willow Floor Lamp
  46. The Angular Marvel Floor Lamp
    The Angular Marvel Floor Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 18,100 Regular Price Rs. 20,140
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  47. Last Dance Signature Floor Lamp
    Last Dance Signature Floor Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 31,470 Regular Price Rs. 38,910
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  48. Hard To Risk Floor Lamp
  49. Songs Of Summer Floor Lamp
  50. Less Is More Floor Lamp
  51. Heart On Fire Smart LED Floor Lamp
      Smart Light
  52. Sausalito Floor Lamp
  53. Maiden Voyage Floor Lamp
    Maiden Voyage Floor Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 24,150 Regular Price Rs. 31,780
    24% OFF

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  54. Marbled Grey Lamps

92 Items


The most extensive and exuberant collection of Floor Lamps in Bangalore

Find the most beautiful and finely crafted floor lamps in Bangalore at The White Teak Company. Ambient lighting designs like floor lamps are essential for your decor as they add general lighting to your living space. And floor lamps can be essential in adding the right depth and drama to your decor. That’s why every floor lamp at The White Teak Company is designed with finesse and brought to life with utmost care and attention. We bring to you an exhaustive range of floor lamps that offer the best blend of the plushest design languages and the most luxe elements.

The White Teak Company is one of the finest makers of decorative lighting and we take pride in offering our finest ambient lighting designs to Bangalore. If you’ve been looking for the best floor lamps in Bangalore, then our stores are the best option for you. The White Teak Company is one of the finest makers of decorative lighting in the country, and one glimpse at our gorgeous collection of floor lamps will make you realise that they’re simply to die for. Let your decor flaunt an edge with the best floor lamps you’ll find in Bangalore.

Floor Lamps that can effortlessly transform your home

The moment you visit any of our stores in Bangalore and lay your eyes on any of our fine floor lamps, that’s when you’ll realise the true prowess of The White Teak Company. We design the classiest floor lamps Bangalore has ever laid its eyes on. These lamps are just perfect for adding some glitz and glam to your decor. Be it LED floor lamps, or floor lamps embellished with marble or stone veneer floor lamps, you’ll find the best ones only at The White Teak Company.

The detailing, the finish and the texture of each of our floor lamps will just leave you in a state of awe every time you take a glimpse. Each and every floor lamp from our extensive and exquisite collection is a testament to our exceptional design prowess and ingenious innovation. No matter what kind of floor lamp you’re looking for whichever part of your home, you’ll find the best designs only at The White Teak Company.

Why choose The White Teak Company’s Floor Lamps in Bangalore?

The White Teak Company is India’s Largest Decorative Lighting Brand, and we design the finest floor lamps that can effortlessly lend a dreamy touch to your living space. Each of the floor lamps at The White Teak Company can bring the best out of your decor and blend with any kind of theme seamlessly. We assure you that you’ll not be able to find floor lamps in Bangalore with similar quality and build.

This is your chance to embark on an unforgettable journey of opulence with The White Teak Company and understand what luxury truly means. Visit any of our fine lighting stores in Bangalore and feast your eyes on our colossal collection of floor lamps that will leave you awestruck right at first sight. Our experienced store team is always there to recommend the best picks for your home based on your requirements, and they’ll also ensure a seamless purchase experience.