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Effervescent Chandelier Fans to add that unparalleled grandeur to your abode 

Chandelier fans have taken the Indian design space by storm, and they have become absolute crowd-pleasers not just because of their aesthetic appeal but also because of their extraordinary functionality quotient. The White Teak Company brings to you an exclusive and extensive collection of fandeliers that will simply sweep you off your feet. Our chandelier fan designs are not just ahead of the curve, they also epitomise luxury like none other. 

Fabulous Fandeliers exuding an effortless flair 

The chandelier fans offered by The White Teak Company flaunt a classy blend of the plushest elements and the most luxe design languages. All of the fandelier designs feature the finest chandeliers embellished with precision-cut crystals. Our collection also boasts designs with gorgeous acrylic chandeliers and glass chandeliers too. These chandelier fans exude a distinct charm that can transform your homes beyond your wildest dreams.

Chandelier fans flaunting a flawless symphony of form and function

All of the chandelier fans from The White Teak Company are designed with finesse and brought to life with a lot of love and care in the mix just to give your gorgeous abodes an extraordinary touch of elegance. No matter what your preference is, you’ll find the finest fandelier designs only at The White Teak Company. Our fandeliers flaunt exquisite modern chandeliers, contemporary chandeliers, minimalist chandeliers, vintage chandeliers, rustic chandeliers, and a few pay homage to the victorian design style too. You’ll find the perfect fandelier for your home right at The White Teak Company. 

Experience luxury like never before with The White Teak Company

 Visit any of our plush stores in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai or Noida and lay your eyes on the finest luxury lighting designs along with the best crystal chandelier fans or LED chandelier fans the country has ever seen. When you purchase a lighting design from The White Teak Company, you’re not only transforming your living space, but you’re also taking home a part of our legacy that epitomises luxury.