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Designer Ceiling Fans
Designer Ceiling Fans

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Designer Ceiling Fans in India by The White Teak

There is nothing quite as majestic as a well-designed ceiling fan with lights incorporated in its body. To bring out the true beauty of a ceiling fan that has lights, it must be designed, manufactured, and installed perfectly.

The concept of chandelier fans, LED fans, and designer fans as a whole, is still more or less new to India. As the industry leaders in decorative lights, decor, and fans, we bring you the finest pieces manufactured using the best raw materials sourced from around the world. Our collection of premium lighting and decor is the largest in India.

We employ cutting-edge technology to create designs more stunning than anything you’ve seen before. Exquisite designs combine the elegance of designer fans with lights in their chandelier as well as LED forms. A variety of materials are used to create fan blades that add an unmatched aura of elegance to any room that hosts our ceiling fans.

Why Choose The White Teak Company?

At The White Teak Company, we entrust the task of designing such pieces to none other than our in-house lighting design experts. Each of our gorgeous ceiling fans is manufactured in our factories and delivered to your doorstep with the utmost care. We even offer an installation service to make sure you have expert assistance at every step!

We believe in maintaining the highest possible standards so you get nothing but the best of everything we do. To live up to this, we procure all our raw materials from the choicest sources in the world. Our aim is to bring the international standards of designer fans, lights, and home decor products to the Indian market at the best possible price. We do what it takes to achieve this.

We also provide installation services wherein our trained experts visit your home to install the products you buy from us. This allows you to have the installation done exactly the way it’s meant to be done. 

At The White Teak Company, we deliver luxury you can touch!

Frequently Asked Questions About Designer Fans

      1. How are designer fans different from regular fans?

  • Regular fans are a product of pure functionality with little or no consideration given to the aesthetic side of things. So the difference between regular fans and designer fans is like the difference between tube lights and decorative lights. Designer fans cater to aesthetic as well as functional needs, unlike regular fans. There are many subtypes within this type. For example, there are wooden designer fans, ceiling fans with lights, chandelier fans, designer fans with fabric patterns, ceiling fans with lights and remote, LED ceiling fans with retractable blades, and so on. Each kind of designer fan has its own utility and aesthetic value. You should choose ceiling fans that serve your needs while also fitting in well with your interior design.

    2. How to install a chandelier ceiling fan?
  • The answer to this changes from design to design. We highly recommend that you get professionals to do the installation of ceiling fans with lights, be it a chandelier fan, LED fan, or any other designer fan. This is because there are very high odds that you may damage the ceiling fan or its lights in the process of installing it if you don’t know exactly what needs to be done. Even there, the best idea is to call technicians from The White Teak Company itself, because they are familiar with our products and therefore unlikely to cause damage. If any damages are caused by our technicians, we also replace the damaged parts for free. In case you cannot avail of our services, and need to get installation instructions for any ceiling fan with lights and/or remote control, call us at 1800 1030 054 or drop us an email on [email protected] and our experts will get back to you.

    3. What to do for designer ceiling fan maintenance?
  • Maintaining a designer ceiling fan is a simpler process than you may think. Like regular fans, all it needs is to be cleaned regularly. You cannot use harsh chemicals to clean designer ceiling fans because they tend to be corrosive and may cause damage. But a gentle cleaning fluid will do the trick. The biggest difference between regular fan maintenance and decorative fan maintenance is that once in a while, you will need to replace the bulbs or LED lights on the latter. If your ceiling fan with lights has parts made of crystal, you will need to be very delicate and use soft, lint-free cloth while cleaning them to avoid having fabric lint stuck to the fan.

    4. What is the warranty policy on designer fans?
  • Any product you buy from The White Teak Company - including designer fans, ceiling fans with LED lights, chandelier fans, etc. - they all come with the same warranty. For details on what our warranty covers and what it excludes, please refer to the invoice issued on your order.