Crystal Chandeliers
Crystal Chandeliers
Crystal Chandeliers

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  1. Touch The Clouds Crystal Chandeliers
  2. Enchanted Waterdrop (Gold) Chandeliers
  3. Love Has Limits Crystal Chandelier
  4. So In Love Crystal Chandeliers
  5. See Me In A Crown Chandeliers
  6. Drop Dead Gorgeous Crystal Chandeliers
  7. Drop Dead Gorgeous Gold Crystal Chandeliers
  8. Gold Mine (Crystal) Pendant Light
    Gold Mine (Crystal) Pendant Light
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  9. Red Carpet Crystal Chandeliers
  10. Queen's Necklace Crystal Chandeliers
  11. Flower Power Gold Crystal Chandeliers
  12. French Restoration Crystal Chandeliers
  13. Black Tie Crystal Chandeliers
  14. Sing Along Crystal Chandeliers
  15. Enamoured (Smokey Grey) Crystal Chandeliers
  16. Center Of Attention Crystal Chandelier
    Center Of Attention Crystal Chandelier
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  17. Keys to The Kingdom Crystal Chandeliers
  18. Starry Skies Crystal Chandelier

Items 1-60 of 150


Crystal Chandeliers by The White Teak Company

Crystal-studded chandeliers are the epitome of classic chandelier design. It’s the first thing that appears in your mind’s eye the moment you think about chandeliers. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, crystal chandeliers from The White Teak Company are unique in every way.

Breathtaking by design, these beauties span a great variety of sizes, from chandeliers small enough to suspend over coffee tables in cosy rooms to pieces large enough to cover an entire floor in height! Each piece crafted by the experts at The White Teak Company comes with intricate designs. Our crystal chandelier lights flaunt crystals created using methods appropriate for each design. 

Hand-crafted and carefully curated to fit your every need, The White Teak Crystal Chandelier Collection brings together the best crystal chandeliers in India.

Modern Crystal Chandeliers in India

Home to India’s largest collection of decorative lights, The White Teak Company presents to you the most comprehensive collection of modern crystal chandeliers in India in addition to its range of classic designs. 

These beauties are designed to suit the needs of modern homes without compromising on the timeless hallmark of opulence offered by crystal on a chandelier design. 

We understand that classic chandelier designs, although majestic in their own way, don’t always fit into more modern settings. So, we bring you the opulence of crystal in modern designs!

Our stores in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, and Chennai are all open to those who want to see our collection in all its glory!