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Core Material: Crystal
Core Material: Metal, Crystal
Core Material: Metal

81 Items

  1. Find Your Truth Pendant Light
  2. Garden Party Crystal Chandelier
  3. Mykonos Memories Chandeliers
  4. See Me In A Crown Chandeliers
  5. Louder Than Thunder Crystal Chandeliers
  6. Love Spell (Glass) Chandelier
  7. You Said Eternity Crystal Chandeliers
  8. Wild Honey (Medium) Chandelier
  9. Wild Honey (Large) Chandelier
  10. Clear To Me Crystal Chandelier
  11. Trance (Small) Chandelier
  12. Trance (Large) Chandelier
  13. Danger Zone Chandelier

81 Items


A resplendent collection of Chandeliers in Chennai

A chandelier is a quintessential luxury that your decor needs. Your decor is essentially incomplete without a statement piece, and if you need that depth and drama in your space, then The White Teak Company is exactly what you’re looking for. You can never find anything better than the exquisite and extensive collection of chandeliers at The White Teak Company. Each of our designs is designed with finesse so that they can effortlessly transform your homes. 

Find just the chandelier designs that you’re looking for 

Visit any of our stores in Chennai to feast your eyes on the finest chandeliers that you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Be it LED chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, dimmable chandeliers or double-height chandeliers, you’ll find the best ones in Chennai only at The White Teak Company.