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Core Material: Metal, Glass, Crystal
Core Material: Metal, Glass
Core Material: Metal, Crystal

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  1. Trance (Medium) Chandelier

20 Items


The best chandeliers in Bangalore to spice up your decor

If you’ve been on the lookout for the most exemplary chandeliers in Bangalore, then The White Teak Company is all you need. We bring the most extensive and exquisite range of chandeliers that can transform your home unlike you’d ever imagine. Each of our beautiful designs has been conceptualised by our in-house designers, who don’t limit their imagination at all while visualising these artistic pieces. These ravishing creations are then brought to life by our extraordinary craftsmen with extreme care and attention. And that is how we create a chandelier Bangalore can’t absolutely take its eyes off from. 

The classiest chandelier shops in Bangalore 

Visit any of our stores in the city to feast your eyes on the finest curation of chandeliers. Be it the best metal chandeliers, LED chandeliers or crystal chandeliers in Bangalore, you’ll find it all at The White Teak Company. We fuse the plushest design languages with the most luxe elements to create the most exquisite chandeliers that will aurify your living space.