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  1. Midnight In Paris Chandelier
  2. Wine Of Kings Crystal Chandelier
  3. Join The Party (Smokey Grey) Chandeliers
  4. Join The Party (Smokey Grey, Large) Round Chandelier
    Join The Party (Smokey Grey, Large) Round Chandelier
    Special Price Rs. 29,439 Regular Price Rs. 32,710
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  5. Magic in Milan Chandelier
  6. Golden Hour (Crystal) Chandelier
  7. Symbols Of Love Chandelier
  8. Wander Yonder (Built-In LED, Crystal) Double Height Chandelier
    Wander Yonder (Built-In LED, Crystal) Double Height Chandelier
    Special Price Rs. 39,771 Regular Price Rs. 44,190
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  9. Lunch In London Glass Chandelier
  10. Center Of Attention Crystal Chandelier
    Center Of Attention Crystal Chandelier
    Special Price Rs. 38,890 Regular Price Rs. 41,060
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  11. Clear To Me Crystal Chandelier
  12. Somewhere In Barcelona Glass Chandeliers
  13. Private Island Crystal Chandelier
  14. Star Of The Show Chandelier
  15. Trance (Large) Chandelier
  16. Land This Plane Glass Chandelier
  17. Fairytale Wedding Chandelier
  18. Snow Angel Chandelier
  19. Shooting Star Crystal Chandelier

Showing Items 1-92 of 253


Bestselling chandeliers to add a pop to your beautiful abodes

Looking to go that extra mile for your decor? Then you’re at the right address. The White Teak Company brings to you an effervescent and extraordinary range of chandeliers that can completely transform your beautiful abodes. Give your living space a distinct flavour with these lighting designs that would look absolutely stunning in your decor. Say goodbye to a monotonous living space and say hi to an uber-chic and gorgeous abode with ravishing chandeliers from the extensive and vivid collection of chandeliers from The White Teak Company. 

The finest amalgamation of lavish design styles and felicitous elements

Each of the designs from the bestselling chandeliers collection is conceptualised with a lot of passion, taking inspiration from everything and anything around and brought to life by our skilled craftsmen with absolute finesse. You won’t find any chandeliers that fit your space quite like the ones from our catalogue. Be it a modern chandelier, contemporary, minimalist, transitional, rustic, industrial, vintage, classical or eclectic chandelier, you’ll find the best creations only at The White Teak Company. Visit any of our luxury stores across India to witness our exceptional design prowess and ingenious craftsmanship first-hand. 

Chandeliers that lend character to your space with exceptional aesthetics and functionality

It’s not just the aesthetic value of the product that we focus on. Our ravishing chandeliers are much more than just eye candy. All of our lighting designs flaunt flawless efficiency and efficacy, unlike any other product you would ever find in the domain. While our LED chandeliers offer exceptional energy efficiency, flawless illumination and unmatched durability, the non-LED offerings boast almost the same characteristics too. You will never have to worry about these opulent lighting fixtures wearing out as they outdo almost every rival in the industry when it comes to the lifespan. 

Why choose chandeliers from The White Teak Company?

The White Teak Company is India’s largest decorative lighting brand, and once you take a glimpse of our lighting designs, you’ll realise that we’re definitely not exaggerating. Our designs are simply unmatched in the industry, and our chandelier collection is a testament to that. When you take home a chandelier from The White Teak Company, you also take home a part of the legacy of a proud Indian brand that epitomises luxury. Visit our luxury stores now.