Chandeliers Below 30,000
Chandeliers Below 30,000
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Chandeliers Below 30,000

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  1. So In Love Crystal Chandeliers
  2. Drop Dead Gorgeous Crystal Chandeliers
  3. See Me In A Crown Chandeliers
  4. Black Tie Crystal Chandeliers
  5. Ski Lodge Antler Chandelier
  6. Weekend Vibes Chandelier
  7. Feeling Famous Chandelier
  8. Royal Tea Amber Pendant Light
  9. Royal Tea Pendant Lights
  10. Ski Chalet Antler Chandelier
  11. Find Your Truth Pendant Light
  12. Road Trip (Medium) Chandelier
  13. Join The Party (Smokey Grey) Oval Chandelier
    Join The Party (Smokey Grey) Oval Chandelier
    Special Price Rs. 31,338 Regular Price Rs. 34,820
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  14. Join The Party (Smokey Grey, Large) Round Chandelier
    Join The Party (Smokey Grey, Large) Round Chandelier
    Special Price Rs. 29,439 Regular Price Rs. 32,710
    10% OFF

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  15. Fairytale Wedding Chandelier

Showing Items 1-92 of 166


Ravishing Chandeliers Under Rs 30,000 to aurify your homes

The White Teak Company brings to you an extraordinary collection of exquisite chandeliers at unbelievable prices. Luxury chandeliers have never been more affordable, and you get a chance to add an effortless touch of opulence to your living space. Chandeliers are absolutely priceless additions to your beautiful abodes, and we bring this exuberant collection to you in a bid to make luxury lighting accessible to every Indian consumer in the market.


An enormous collection of chandeliers to enhance the aura of your space

Our exclusive Chandeliers Under 30,000 collection flaunts the finest and the most exuberant lighting designs that can amplify the aura of your space in an instant. Whether you like modern chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, LED chandeliers or small chandeliers, you’ll definitely find a design that will suit your needs. 


Reasonably priced chandeliers with uncompromised quality

Just because this exclusive collection boasts an extensive range of reasonable chandeliers that fit everybody’s budget doesn’t mean that we have compromised on the quality of the design, the materials or the functionality of the lighting design. The White Teak Company is committed to giving all our customers an exceptional experience. We don’t compromise on the quality of the chandeliers in any manner, depending on the price range. All of our chandeliers are designed with the same finesse and the same attention to detail and they are brought to life with the same luxe elements we use in the rest of our designs. 

An exclusive journey of opulence with our statement chandeliers

At The White Teak Company, you begin a journey of opulence with our extensive collection of luxury lighting fixtures. Our fine statement chandeliers are brought to life with exceptional craftsmanship to give your home the perfect makeover you’ve been looking for. The exquisite range of modern chandeliers creates extraordinary overhead highlights that grab all the attention they can in the room.