Designed For All Seasons

Bringing the best of aesthetics and utility together, our range of ceiling fans includes wooden finishes, hanging chandeliers and modern LED features that can be controlled at will with a remote. Embrace the flexibility of mood lighting and directional air flow with models that match your needs.

Designed For All Seasons

Bringing the best of aesthetics and utility together, our range of ceiling fans includes wooden finishes, hanging chandeliers and modern LED features that can be controlled at will with a remote. Embrace the flexibility of our models to match your needs.


Fans By The White Teak Company: Lending A Breezy Touch To Your Home

When the modern electric fan was invented back in the late 19th century, the primary objective of this creation was to enhance the airflow of a room. Fast-forward to now, fans have been embraced as an essential part of home decor. Yes, their primary function still remains the same even after all these years, but people have started focusing on the aesthetics of the fans now as much as they do on the functional part. There was also a time when fans were considered an outdated decor choice, and many interior designers were not fond of including fans in the layout. But over the last decade, there has been a paradigm shift in the way fans are looked at, and that is one reason why these designs have become a popular pick for most homes. We at The White Teak Company have always believed that fans are an important decorative element whenever a home is designed, and we always stayed ahead of the curve while designing our exclusive and extensive fan collection. The White Teak Company has always stood out in the industry due to its ingenious innovation and exceptional design prowess. And we made sure that our fan collection embodied that. Our in-house designers always believed that fans were more than a necessity and always envisioned them as a luxurious addition to a space. And that is why our fan collection flaunts the finest blend of the most luxe elements and the most graceful design languages. You can feast your eyes on our exclusive collection of Chandelier Fans, Wall Fans, Crystal Fans, Modern Fans, Dimmable LED Fans, Classical Fans and more and buy them online or at our exclusive stores.


The Most Exclusive & Exquisite Range Of Fans You Can Buy Online In India

When you’re out to buy a fan online or in-store, you will certainly find a lot of fans in all shapes and forms, but we guarantee that none of them will match the build and quality of the ones you’ll find at The White Teak Company. We’ve already told you how our exceptional in-house designers conceptualise each fan in our collection and are brought to life with absolute finesse by our skilled and experienced artisans. The impeccable designs and the flawless detailing in each product are enough to tell you about what The White Teak experience is all about. Our fan collection flaunts a number of materials and finishes, each of which will bring its distinct flavour to your space. The White Teak Company’s collection houses an enormous range of chandelier fans, LED fans, metal fans, crystal fans, wooden fans and more that can effortlessly transform your decor beyond your wildest dreams. At The White Teak Company, our designs take inspiration from each and everything around us. Our designers do not limit themselves to a particular design style or the conventional styling norms, and that lets us create masterpieces that will eventually turn your living space into your dream home. It is not just the designs of our fans that make us stand out in the industry but also the price tags these gorgeous fans flaunt. Our extensive fan collection has designs across price points, giving you a choice to pick the one that not just suits your space but also fits your budget with ease.

Buy Fans Flaunting A Fine Symphony Of Aesthetics & Functionality

We already told you that fans have come a long way from their modern roots, and it’s not just about functionality anymore. A perfect fan for your home is one that strikes the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Not only should the design be practical, but it should also lend to the overall aesthetic value of your home and turn your living space visually rich effortlessly. The White Teak Company is the perfect place to buy a fan from because of the fact that our fans tick all the boxes with ease. As we told you, The White Teak Company’s fan designs are simply unrivalled in the Indian market, and one glimpse at our collection is all you need to realise that. And our stunning fans add an edge to the collection with their exceptional functionality too. Our beautifully designed chandelier fans are the crème de la crème of our collection, and apart from the intricately detailed crystal and glass chandeliers that leave you in a state of awe, the remote-controlled dimmable LED will leave you floored too. All our stunning fans equipped with dimmable LED can help you personalise the ambience of your home seamlessly in an instant. Apart from that, all the fans from our collection boast ergonomically designed blades that accentuate the airflow of your living space with ease. Some of our gorgeous chandelier fans come with retractable ABS blades that can be retracted or spread out with a touch of your fingertips. Each of the designs from our colossal collection of fans brings a distinct charm to your living space giving it the perfect makeover you’ve always dreamed of.

Pick The Perfect Fans For Each Of Your Rooms

The White Teak Company has a perfect fan that you can buy for each and every one of your rooms. Though all fans from our collection can be used in any part of your living space according to your preference, our designers had a specific space when they designed each product from our collection. The shared spaces of your home, like your living room, dining room or lounge, will look absolutely gorgeous if they’re adorned with our ravishing chandelier fans. For personal spaces like the master bedroom and the guest bedroom, we would recommend going with our sleek modern or classical fans if you don’t have a lot of area to spare. For your tiny tots, we have an exclusive kids’ room collection that would bring a smile to your young ones’ faces every time they look at our beautiful designs. For spaces that demand a little functional touch, we recommend going with our dimmable LED fans, as you can use them for both ambient and task lighting. For compact spaces or spaces with a low ceiling height, you could make use of our wall fans which are specifically designed for this purpose alone. No matter where and what kind of fan you require, The White Teak Company has it all.

Why Choose Fans From The White Teak Company?

The White Teak Company is India’s Largest Decorative Lighting Brand, and we wanted to offer our clientele exquisite lighting designs in all shapes and forms. And that exact thought led to the creation of our resplendent chandelier fan collection. We forayed further into the domain when we truly understood what our clientele really wanted. And within no time, we had an exclusive collection of fans that would truly transform your homes. As you embark on a journey of opulence with The White Teak Company, you open the door to an elegant and exuberant lifestyle that has transformed India’s effervescent luxury lighting and lifestyle space. As a company, our aim is not just to sell our products but to offer a lush and lavish experience to our clientele that is simply out of this world. When you purchase a product from The White Teak Company, you also take home a little part of our legacy that epitomises luxury. At The White Teak Company, you have the choice to make your purchase just the way you want. You can always take a good look at our decadent fan collection online, or you can visit any of our resplendent stores for a more personalised experience. Find our stores in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, Chennai and Ludhiana to take a glimpse of our stunning fan collection in all its glory.

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