Simple Yet Sublime Lighting And Home Decor Ideas To Jazz Up Your Abode

It’s quite natural that your home or your decor particularly would start feeling monotonous after a while. And that’s the biggest sign that you need to revamp your decor. Even if things don’t get too boring, you can redecorate your space just for the change of scene and make things slightly more interesting. And if you’re someone who likes to keep ahead of the curve, then you need to make sure that your decor ideas aren’t too out of date. 

We bring to you an array of design ideas that can beautifully transform your space and lend an effortless touch of opulence to your fabulous abodes. One good thing about the list that we’ve got for you is that each of these ideas is pretty easy to implement, and it’s not as time-consuming as starting the entire decoration process from scratch. Now, sit back and take a look at everything that we’ve got for you. 

1. Add A Cosy Touch To Your Reading Nook 

A bibliophile or not, a reading nook is everybody’s sweet escape. And decorating this space can add a distinct flavour to your home. Not only does a well-designed reading nook exude tranquillity, but it also lends character to your home. Your reading nook could give your humble abode the positivity you’ve always sought. 

Now, there are countless ways you could design your reading nook, but the safest and probably simplest way is to add a comfortable armchair and complete the decor with a coffee table. Add a small bookshelf by the side, an ottoman for your armchair and a rug if comfort is all you’re looking for. While a floor lamp is the best-suited lighting fixture to add a calm and cosy glow to your space, you can also use a table lamp in the area. 

The White Teak’s recommendations: 

A Star Is Born Floor Lamp: This one is for all the bookworms out there. Specially designed for your reading corners, this gorgeous floor lamp is just pure indulgence for your living space. Flaunting a flawless symphony of form and function, the floor lamp features a sleek & slender matte gold body and an effervescent white Italian marble base. The platform and the adjustable LED shade enhance the functionality of the floor lamp. 

A Star Is Born Floor Lamp

Game Is Done Table Lamp: If you’re looking for something compact, then this entrancing contemporary marvel is just what you need. This table lamp flaunts two sleek matte brown columns that house the silicon diffuser. Don’t let its demeanour fool you, as this lighting fixture is capable of lending perfect illumination to any space it is placed in. 

2. Light Up Your Entryway/Foyer To Exude Warmth Into Your Space

Your entryway or your foyer is one of the spaces you simply can’t ignore. These spaces can essentially define your area and set the tone of your home too. This is the space you or anybody who visits your home lay their eyes on first, and its appearance can leave a lasting impression on everybody. 

Give your entryway some warmth with a couple of wall lights on either side of the space. Remember that this space needs to be slightly functional too, as most entryways usually sport a storage area too. It doesn’t mean that you end up installing lighting fixtures that are too glary. You can complement the wall light with a pendant light if the lighting is still too dull for the space. 

The White Teak’s recommendations: 

Noble Cause Wall Light: This gorgeous wall light is just perfect for your entryways as it creates a stirring visual with its minimalist design. The wall light exudes tranquillity and warmth with its aluminium brushed metal frame in an elegant copper finish. This wall light can beautifully blend into your decor and complement any other lighting fixture in the space. 


Starry Eyed Pendant Light: This pendant light is just perfect for your space because of the rustic charm it lends to your entryway. A true personification of elegance, this gorgeous pendant lends its impeccable charm to your entryway and sweeps you off your feet every time you take a glimpse of it. 


3. Get Sculptures And Artifacts For That Distinct Flavour 

Sculptures and artifacts are the best way to let your decor speak volumes for itself. They don’t just a story to your space, but they can energise any desolate corner with their charm. Sculptures and artifacts are quite eye-catching and can beautifully complement your decor. Such focal points can lend a distinct aura to your living space and create a stirring visual that will leave everybody awestruck. 

There’s a plethora of options out there, and you can choose a work of art that suits the overall theme of your space. Be it modern sculptures, classical, traditional, minimalist, transitional, rustic or contemporary, you can go for anything that fits your space best. 

The White Teak’s recommendations: 

In With The Gold: One of the finest creations to grace our home decor collection, In With The Gold is a flawless fusion of florals, femininity and radiance. This gorgeous home decor can beautifully adorn your sideboards or floating shelves. Exuding an exuberant charm, this work of art is simply enchanting, and you’ll definitely feel a sense of bliss the moment you are around it. 


Man In The Grid: This beauty is modern art at its best. Representing true human nature, this piece of work features a frame crafted out of iron finished in a beautiful golden hue. The human figurines are made out of resin and finished in a bold black shade to complement their mysterious aura. 


4. Spice Up Your Dining Room By Adding Some Much-Needed Flavour 

They say that the dining room is the heart of the home, and that might be true in many ways. The dining room is where you get together with your family for your meals, and countless memories are created. This is the place where the conversations take place, and this is the place that makes a home feel like home. All you need to do to accentuate the aura of this space is to ensure that every nook and cranny of your dining room is lit up. 

You can use quite a few lighting fixtures to lend perfect illumination to this space. But what fits best in this space is an overhead lighting fixture that can lend uniform illumination to the space.

The White Teak’s Recommendations: 

Uncuffed Chandelier: One of the finest nouveau designs to grace our charming collection, Uncuffed personifies luxury in its own way. The sublime fluidic design exudes an unparalleled aura into your dining space and simply transforms the ambience of your beautiful home. The chandelier features five gorgeous rings finished in matte gold embellished with radiant silicone diffusers. 


Swell With My Soul Chandelier: If you’re looking forward to adding the edge to your dining space, then this contemporary marvel is all you need. The chandelier is truly a sight to behold and can beautifully illuminate your dining room. The lighting design flaunts a sleek, slender metal frame that graciously holds three milky white frosted glass shades. You can effortlessly customise your ambience just the way you want, as the chandelier is equipped with three smart bulbs.

Swell With My Soul Chandelier

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