How to choose the right pendant light for your living space

Pendant lights are the flavour of the season and for all the right reasons. Pendant lights are those exquisite timeless designs that can never go out of style, and the kind of look and feel they lend to your living space is simply unparalleled. Pendants can lend a flawless stroke of opulence to your space, and these ingeniously designed lighting fixtures can accentuate the energy of your home beyond your imagination. 


Pendant lights are very convenient because the installation is mostly hassle-free, and they can effortlessly blend into your existing decor, which means you don’t have to worry about giving your home a rejig to welcome this lighting design into your home. Apart from the accentuated aesthetic value, pendant lights also bring an exceptional functionality quotient to the table. With a charming presence and extraordinary practicality, pendant lights become an unmissable part of your home decor.


But before you think you’re ready to let this charming lighting fixture grace your space, you have a lot of factors to consider. A pendant light can transform your space if you want it to, but you really need to think about many things, including its purpose, style, ceiling height, colour and much more. What sits well in your living room might not complement your kitchen as well. The White Teak Company has you covered as we bring to you pretty simple yet essential rules of thumb that can simplify your entire experience of purchasing the right pendant light for your home. 


How to choose the right pendant light for your living space

  1. Determine the purpose of your pendant light 


You need to figure out the purpose of your pendant light first. If you’re looking forward to enhancing the functionality of a particular space, then you’ll need a specific design, and if you want to add some glitz and glam to your room, then you’ll need a different design. The moment you decide whether your pendant light will be ambient light, task light or accent light, you would’ve completed the first step. 


If you need a pendant light to accentuate the ambience of your space, you’ll have to consider going with slightly warmer hues with warm and welcoming designs that will add a cosy touch to your indoors. If functionality is all you need, you need to make sure that your pendant light doubles up as a task light and has enough lumens to offer and isn’t too loud to be included in the decor. Some pendants can be used as accent lighting too, as they can be used to create a focal point around a highlight in your decor or any space that you think deserves some extra attention. 



  1. Know the different types of pendant lights


There are different kinds of pendants, and if you get familiarised with all of them, it could help you find the right lighting design for your humble abode. Numerous pendant designs include glass, metal, multi-light, globes, lanterns, shades, drums, linear, bowls, and abstracts, and you can find all these designs in the extensive and vivid catalogue of The White Teak Company. Feast your eyes on our exclusive collection right here -


Glass and metal pendant lights have a timeless appeal and can never go out of style. Glass is a luxe element that can sit along with any design language quite flawlessly. Metal pendants add that contemporary or rustic flair depending on the design you go for. Globe, lantern and drum pendants help you stay ahead of the trends as larger-than-life lighting fixtures are the flavour of the season. 


  1. Finalize the size and the number 


Optimal lighting is one thing and overdoing it is another. If you’re going with multiple pendant lights, achieving the right balance should be your aim. Make sure that you’re not leaving any part of your space overlit or underlit, and try avoiding shadows in the space. One thing that you need to consider is to avoid going with big pendants if you’re installing multiple units. A big pendant suits an area if it’s the only overhead highlight in the room.


  1. Consider the location of the pendants and the ceiling height 


This is the most crucial part of getting the right pendant light. Even if you’re not going to install the lighting fixture on your own, this information will help you in multiple purchase stages. If you’re going to suspend the pendant light above a kitchen island, work desk or countertop, it is essential to ensure that there’s a comfortable gap between the two. Since a few pendants can hang pretty low, you also have to ensure that the pendant light doesn’t obstruct a door opening and vice versa. 


  1. Buy a pendant light that’s easy to clean 


It’s not very difficult to maintain this lighting fixture, but if you don’t clean your pendant lights frequently, then you could be hampering the charm and aura it lends to your space. Find a pendant light that’s easy to clean so that you can maintain the efficiency and the aesthetic appeal of the lighting design long after making the purchase.