dining room lighting trends

A dining room is the heart of your abode, and it should be given all the love it deserves whenever you think about decorating your space, especially when it comes to lighting. Today’s dining rooms have become multifunctional, and that’s one thing you need to keep in mind before going ahead with designing the lighting layout of this space. Apart from setting the right ambience while you have your meals, your dining space should be equipped with lighting designs that perfectly complement your leisure time and give you the right illumination whenever you need the space to be slightly more functional. 

Now, it’s understandable if you’re not sure where to start since there are a plethora of options and combinations you could go for your dining room. We bring to you the finest dining room lighting design trends that have taken the design space by storm and will continue to be in the spotlight for quite a while now. And modern lighting trends are simply incredible not only because they can lend the old-school charm to your decor but also because they incorporate as many innovations as they can, which in turn contributes to the ease of using those lighting designs. 

#1 Modern Chandeliers

Dining rooms and chandeliers have gone hand-in-hand for ages, and this combination is simply unbeatable. Modern chandeliers can be the best picks for your dining room because of their timeless design and appeal. These chandeliers have never gone out of style and probably never will. Even if you’re not a true modernist, you’ll still find that modern chandeliers belong right in your dining room. 

These chandeliers can complement your tablescape unlike none other. You can use a few more lighting designs to complete the entire scene, be it table lamps, wall lights or floor lamps, but even a chandelier might just be enough to amp up the aura of your space. You need to be very mindful of the space and the existing floor plan as you don’t want your chandelier to be too big for the space or too glary in that case too. Looking for inspiration? Start with these chandeliers

#2 Sculptural Lighting

Sculptural lighting is one of the most recent trends that has shaken up the global design scene. Lighting designs with sculptural shapes continue to woo the world with distinct charm and aura. Sleek, abstract and minimal is how you would sum up the design of a sculptural light right at first glance. Sculptural lighting designs flaunt a good functionality quotient, but their fluid design appeals to you the most. 

The timeless or the evergreen element in sculptural lighting is that there are no bounds to their design. They can be geometric, fluidic, and abstract and blend effortlessly into your decor. Getting sculptural lighting for the dining room literally means incorporating art into the space and not creating unnecessary clutter. No matter what the theme or dominant design language of your space is, sculptural lighting designs will fit perfectly into your dining room. 

#3 Artful Pendant Lights

You might not really be a big fan of chandeliers, and that’s totally understandable. Be it because of your space or your tastes, sometimes chandeliers might feel too much for your dining room. And that is where pendant lights come in. Believe it or not, pendant lights add a much more personalised touch to your dining room and an intimate touch to your space that none of the lighting designs can. 

Your dining room is technically incomplete without an overhead lighting design, and an artful pendant light will make you realise that right at first glance. Choose artful pendant lights, not just because of their functionality but also because of their ability to create a stimulating visual in your living space. You can turn your zesty dining room into a cosy sanctuary with a stunning pendant light in no time.

#4 Dramatic Lighting 

Depth and drama can do wonders for your dining room. You don’t always need your space to be too loud, and that’s where this design concept comes in. The key to dramatic lighting is creating a layered lighting effect. And layered lighting can accentuate the ambience of your space like none other. While many people use a single statement lighting design to achieve a dramatic effect in their space, it’s just not enough. Dramatic lighting needs a couple of lighting designs to complement each other and create the perfect mood for the occasion. 

You can go ahead with a small overhead lighting design, be it a chandelier, pendant light or even a ceiling light and complement the scene with a couple of wall lights on either side of your dining room table. If you have an island or a countertop close to the dining table, consider using a table lamp to add that soft lighting to the space. If you have an unutilised corner in the space, consider going with a floor lamp too, as it can do wonders for your ambience. 

#5 Minimalist Lighting

A minimalist aesthetic in a dining space is heavily underrated. Minimalist lighting designs in a dining room exemplify the purpose and the essence of the space. Their aura is further accentuated by the uncluttered backdrop they create in your dining room. And the biggest advantage of flaunting a minimalist decor is that you eliminate all the unnecessary elements from your space, letting you enjoy every moment in peace. 

 There are a lot of ways you could play around with your minimalist decor too. You could play with the colours of the lighting designs, the texture of the lights or even the elements used in the lights. The minimalist decor adds this exceptional touch to your living space when it is complemented by natural light. Consider going with sleek and slender chandeliers, ceiling lights, floor lamps, and table lamps for your decor to achieve this ethereal look. 

Updating your dining room’s look won’t be very difficult, especially now that you have an idea of what to go for. Head on to our home page and feast your eyes on the finest lighting designs that can transform your dining room beyond your wildest dreams. Lay your eyes on an extensive and vivid collection of exquisite chandeliers, pendant lights, ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights that can be a perfect addition to your living space. Keep an eye out on this space for more.